Another question about disfellowshiping

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  • XPeterX

    If the elders decide to disfellowship someone and after being reinstated it is proved that he didn't commit the wrongdoing,what happens then?Do the elders apologise to him?

  • finallyfree!

    I doubt they'd ever give you a chance to prove em wrong. Once the toothpaste is outta the tube it don't go back in!

  • Mythbuster
  • brotherdan

    I'll answer your question with another question:

    When the WT promulgates a false prophecy for years and then it fails to come true, do they apologize? No. They will either blame you or blame Jehovah for it. They will say that Jehovah let it happen and he is in full control. That would be the same answer you would get from your elders. They are directed by Holy Spirit, don't you know?

  • ziddina

    Hah, hah, hah!! Great reply, Brother Dan!!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    They'll claim it was some sort of test from Jehovah.

    Think About It

  • SnakesInTheTower


    I switched channels to real life.

    Back in 1991, I was judicially reproved for lying. Restrictions for a single month just so it could be called "judicial." The "restriction" was no public prayer at the KH.... in the congo I was in, that was no big deal, as we had such a large body of brothers, it could be a couple of months.....I was removed as an MS and regular pioneer. My 3 month temp bethel ap came through immediately afterwards.... and I was forced to turn it down (in retrospect, thank goodness...LOL) Really, it was to keep a couple of lying married pioneer sisters quiet after they had their MS husbands run to the CO about me. CO told the elders "you have a problem among your pioneers, take care of it or I will take care of YOU [elders]." I was the easiest "solution."

    A few months later, the CO did come and apologize to me the record...they had indeed screwed up...I wasn't a liar after all....but they did not rescind the decision...and since it was "private" (aka "unannounced" reproof, except for my deletion), they figured no harm no foul....

    I was not allowed to be a pioneer for a year and a MS for several and I had to switch congos to get it. I found out years later that I had been up for appointment as an elder in the original congo, the kangaroo court derailed that for ten years before I could fight my way back. What a waste of a decade.

    I never received an apology from the elders. Where is the middle finger icon? I need it for Watchtower, et al. LOL

    Snakes (Rich )

  • jwfacts

    The holy spirit directs elders decisions regarding disfellowshipping, so being disfellowshipped must have been allowed by Jehovah to test the person. It is a bit like when a parent smacks a child because they know they must have done something wrong during the day, even if they didn't actually catch them.

  • truthseekeriam

    Loved Brotherdans comment!! So true.

  • RosePetal

    Yes Brotherdan Hubby and I would have said the very same thing.

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