Another question about disfellowshiping

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  • changeling

    I knew a sister who was DF'd when she remarried after a divorce. Years later her first husband (non-witness)admitted he had cheated on her before they were divorced, thus breaking the marriage bond and freeing her to remarry. I don't know if she received an apology but no apology could erase the years she spent hanging her head in shame and being shunned as she went to the meetings attempting to be re-instated.

    I do know that her second husband (also not a JW) was not impressed...

  • isaacaustin


    If the elders decide to disfellowship someone and after being reinstated it is proved that he didn't commit the wrongdoing,what happens then?Do the elders apologise to him?

    My reply: Umm, yes they will utterly apologize and write you a check for the day have been wrongly disfellowshipped- at a rate of $14.76 per day.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an apology.

  • babygirl30

    I know of a brother who was accused of rape! Yes - 2 pioneer sisters went forward to the elders (not the authorities - mind you) and accused this man of taking advantage of them. So he was immediately DF'd, lost his MS status, etc. He was DF'd for 2yrs...after NUMEROUS letters of reinstatement. By the 3rd yr, they reinstated him...only to find out that the 2 pioneers had LIED. They actually both had been dating him (at the same time) and in order to get 'back' at him for THEIR feeling slighted - they concocted this rape story and ran with it! Sadly, this guy NEVER recieved an apology...they labeled it an 'ooops' and claimed that Jehovah had brought the situation to light!

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