Do 'general' masons, understand what their symbology means?

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  • Palimpsest

    The symbols, go to google images, type in iran coin, nazi coin, russia coin, look older quarters.

    As for medical...........LOok at any seal from any organization in pharmacy, in doctors, university. For the most part, the SEALS and the LOGOS are where all this stuff is at. It's easier and easier to tell which ones are mason related.

    They're not "Mason-related." They're organizations that happen to use similar emblems that have been incredibly common throughout history. Yes, both the Freemasons and MI5 have pyramids in their symbolism...but there are also pyramids in the logos for AOL, Ameritrade, Delta Airlines, Adidas, Cisco Systems, Avery International Paper, Fidelity Investments, Adobe, your friendly local Avon ladies, the Animal Liberation Front, and the recycling movement. Did the Freemasons also invent the Food Pyramid? Explain to me how a commonality proves a "conspiracy."

    The dollar bill has an eye on it...but so does the CBS logo. Do they run that? What about Longines -- does their hourglass logo mean Longines is a "Masonic company," or just that a clockmaker happens to have interest in using a time-keeping device for their logo?

    And why don't David Icke and other Mason conspiracy theorists note the frequent usage of non-Masonic symbols? NBC has a peacock for its logo -- do they worship the goddess Hera? Do Playboy and PETA both use a bunny because they perform pagan animal sacrifice? Does MSN's leadership practice Celtic fertility goddess-worship due to their butterfly? Are the Black Liberation Army aligning themselves with FARC and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade because they each use guns? Is Stanford just a front for Cal Poly due to them both having a tree for their university seal? Do the Red Brigade, Subaru, and the New England Patriots have some secret, terrifying affiliation because they all use stars? Most importantly for us sports fans, does Socialist International fix the Rose Bowl due to their shared flower?

    Maybe I will make my own conspiracy site about how the Boston Celtics are run by the Irish Parliament and the Archbishop of Dublin due to their shamrock logo. If all we need to prove a conspiracy these days is some shared basic designs that have been used since time immemorial, I think I could make a pretty good case for this.

  • freydo

    At it's root, the question is to whom do Mason's like Muslims give homage? If that question is of no concern, then it speaks of the same mental, or should I say lack thereof, disregard for any other abnormalities that are obviously threatening to bring down western civilization and the freedoms that people in totalitarian systems cannot even fathom, by ranting on about conspiracy theories being the exclusive province of any who don't see things from their blinded perspective and who simply are content to be duped and howl at the wind. They make no logical counter arguments. But only emotional fulminations that show a complete lack of understanding and obvious wanting in areas of cerebral development, and more often than not have avatars of their own choosing to prove it.

  • moshe

    Symbols mean nothing, unless the person who sees them understands them to have a meaning. Why can't you understand Chinese? Their language is made up of symbols, isn't it? I could be looking at Chinese cuss words in my fortune cookie and it wouldn't offend me, unless there was an English translation.

    Here is a symbol, that has been seen by millions of people- do you know what it means?

    It is the unpronouncable name of the artist formerly known as Prince, who went back to being Prince, because nobody could use his symbol to communicate his name with. All this Masonic symbolism is very scarry stuff, if you believe in superstition and the powers of symbols to cast a hex on an enemy.

  • wasblind

    When prince changed his name to a symbol i thought he was a dag blame fool,

    now he's a fool being fooled by the Org. UMPH, now i have stepped on my own darn toe

    i was a fool once too.

  • Quentin

    Seems other's answerd the question...not anything I could add because we would be going in circles....circles btw being a basic construct to symbols in general...

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