Responding to personal questions

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  • JeffT

    I can see where this is an issue for some people. I don't generally respond to the blanket "who are you" threads, nor do I hide who I am. I've always used my real name on the net and I haven't had trouble for a couple of reasons. I don't care what the JW's think of me, and my identity isn't worth stealing - if some one wants to take over my financial amends they can have it.

  • Bangalore

    Good points,Lady Lee.


  • wantstoleave

    Thanks so much Lady Lee for this! Great advice. I think most of us feel pretty safe here, but you never do know exactly who is monitoring the site as you don't have to be a member to read posts. So thanks for keeping us all in check Btw, I have sent you a PM x

  • wasblind

    i only give out info that i'm comfortable giving out

    i get suspicious if people start ask anything listed in Lady lee's post

    without my volunteering it first

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Thanks lady lee...

    i have asked simon for a thread i started to be deleted also...

    big learning curve for some of us.


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