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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow I am surprised so many have been able to identify other posters and I bet you weren't even looking!

  • undercover

    I'm usually pretty careful but have actually met a few people when we figured out we were from the same area and PMd each other. Fortunately, we were all in the same boat, so we know to play it cool.

    But I haven't identified anyone I already knew. Sometimes I think I might know someone but then as details emerge it's not who I thought it was. But it is interesting that so many of has had experiences so similar that we can see ourselves or others in posts from complete strangers.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I have thought I knew someone several times only to find out they live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from me. Indeed, there are many similarities between many of us.

    On a related note, is there a better way to find ones to open up and identify oneself to than PM? If we can't post personal info on a thread for fear of the Borg police, how can any of us get together in real life? I've done the PM thing and it seems to work ok but are there other better methods available out there?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    how can any of us get together in real life? check to see if there is a local one

  • sd-7

    I no longer have issues with my identity.

    "You know who I am." "I do?"--Spider-Man and M.J. Watson, Spider-Man

    "You want to know me? You want to know who I am?"--Bruce Wayne, Batman Forever

    "Some of it is...very much me. Some of it isn't."--Bruce Wayne, Batman

    "You could die. At least tell me your name." "It's not who I am on the inside, but what I do that defines me."--Rachel Dawes and Batman, Batman Begins

    "The truth is...I am Iron Man."--Tony Stark, Iron Man

    But then...for a guy who literally has $0.61 to his name, I suppose I'm not too worried about it. I do wonder, though, if JWs I know who are Internet savvy have been reading up on my life and all. Meh. It's not like I have to see them anymore. I am careful not to give out compromising information about others, though. Good reminder, though. I've Googled and found my posts numerous times. I can't seem to find them if they're in the Members Only section, though, which is sort of helpful. But hey, if I wrote an autobiography, it'd be the same thing, so...there you have it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    thank you sd

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    When I first came on JWD, I immediately recognized another poster and all she did was have her province listed and say something about her divorce, which was a bit notorious in JW land at the time. I knew some details about her divorce from other JW gossipers and identified her immediately. She didn't care as she was already df'd but still....not that hard to do.

    Anyone who knew me well, could probably identify me if they cobbled together my posts. I figured the chances were small that anyone I knew well would be here as they were super righteous dubs, so I took a few chances. I cared more at the beginning though, than I do now when I've moved on with my life for the most part.

  • WTWizard

    This is why I refuse to post my details in one place. If I post these things, Brother Hounder is bound to find it. Say, I post my phone number--and Brother Hounder is looking and recognizes is. I post my real name--Brother Hounder or Sister Pio-Sneer sees it and "Isn't this the brother that used to go to my congregation". Then, the hounders are notified, and they are going to be harassed. And the judicial committee is just one way they harass people: Repeatedly calling on people that used to be witlesses but are no longer has been reported (Anyone remember Danny Haszard, who had the witlesses repeatedly harass him?). Vandalizing personal property is also a real problem. (Just ask Lady Liberty what happened to her Christmas decorations in 2007).

    I find it much easier to make it extra work by not posting this information in one place than to ask the mods to delete it (after Brother Hounder or Sister Pio-Sneer already has a printout of it). They might still be able to get the information, but will have to waste countless hours hunting through 10,000 posts or more to find it. This means they will have to continue wasting time and energy worrying about me instead of being able to settle it through one paragraph, one phone number, one address, or one picture. Also, for those still in, they need to be careful because, once Brother Hounder finds out that they are here, they are going to be less able to post material that we can later dissect and throw back in the witlesses' faces. This is particularly true with those who are in Beth Hell, and have first picks on the material 6 months before the hounders find out. Let's help these people continue getting access to this, and let's keep wasting these busybodies' time and energy by being careful. Remember, by the time the mods can delete a post, Brother Hounder or Sister Pio-Sneer could already have the printout.

  • truthseekeriam

    Very well said LL.

    I innocently gave out to much information on another forum and regret it to this day.

  • StAnn

    You know, I don't usually worry about this re: myself because I'm notorious where I live, but I probably should be concerned about identity theft. I suppose it's possible people could use the info on this forum to that purpose.

    Actually, though, a bigger concern for me is that I discuss my family on here a lot and I'd hate for my DF'd son or my DF'd brothers to be embarrassed by something I told here. Not that there's much chance any of them will ever visit this forum but you never know, do you?

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