Apparently the WTBS is going high tech to catch Apostates infiltrating the congregations

by gubberningbody 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • DaCheech

    whether it's possible or not, the truth is that this can put anyone using it in jail for invasion of privacy

  • wasblind

    i believe this was made by a JW to scarce people from learning the rea l" TRUTH " about da troof.

    I'ts just a scarce tactic, don't but it

  • wasblind

    I believe this was made by a JW to scare people from learning the real" TRUTH " about da troof.

    It's just a scare tactic, don't buy it

    Sorry for the previous post just woke up an hour ago , still sleepy

  • freydo

    Since spying on your brother is routinely practiced in dubland - this cannot be dismissed. If some zealous wannabe took it upon themselves to report certain findings to the elders who could then get some kind of confession based on the info -well gloriosky another secret trial.

  • wasblind

    You have to admit sites like this is killin' the WTS, they'll do anything to scare people from

    using the home computers the way they want, i hope when people get tired of this they

    file some kind of law suit against the WTS for invasion of privacy.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Very funny gub.

    Love the overlapping runners

  • truthlover

    Probably the only real way is to sign on to their website, they have your IP address, then they can track any log ons that you may go on i e JWN ... send your name to a local cong where you are living and have the elders follow up.. the drive around would not work -- many elders dont take the time to do shepherding calls, let alone get one to drive all the neighbourhoods where the cong lives... too much time invested --- especially in congs that are spread out i e rural areas -- might work in the closely packed city neighborhoods -- anyway, they would not really do anything -- the growth numbers would start declining and that would be a negative for the [email protected]

  • Quirky1

    I'm with Flip on this one. They approach me and they get a fat lip, dotted eye and a good "F*ck Off!!" from me...then I might just press charges for criminal trespass to my property just to make a point..

  • gubberningbody

    Actually, it's not illegal to detect EMF radiation any more than it's illegal to breathe air.

    What might be illegal, however is for the WTBS insist that one of these be used to interview potential MS's/Elders as regards their unquestioning fealty to the BORG.

  • nelly136

    lolol, cant understand a word theyre saying so no idea if any connection to borg or not.

    as for the high tech spy techno set up.......

    i think someone might notice if someone sat outside their house in a dodgy van and stuck an aerial through their front room window.

    and who uses ct screens for high tech surveilance, frankly it looks like something noah woulda used.

    if they wanted to be a bit high tech all theyd need to do was wander around with a normal wifi enabled laptop looking for unsecured/unpassworded wifi connections.

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