News flash from JWs! Quick run for your lives! We're doomed! the end is nigh! and its all down to the oil...

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    The worst case scenario of the oil spill

    1. Since oil is produced from core of the earth, and not from dead dinosaurs which got miles beneath the bottom of the ocean floor.......the cavity from pumping much oil gives room for earth to shift it's plates, causing increases in earthquakes

    2. Because of the millions of gallons of dissperants put on the Gulf, that will change and hinder the water from evaporating as effectively, hence less rainfall on East Coast of USA, which may turn to food shortage and much dead plant life.

    3. Because of the toxics in water now, it's evaporating will rain down acid rain, already appearing in Mississippi, which burns through all leaves, trees, weeds, grass, crops.

    4. The spill if not contained soon, the gases from the reserve which sits atop magma can get into the air, these are fatal toxic gases which can kill anyone in the vicinity.

    5. The killing of sea life and reduction of oxygen in the Ocean will spread, easily killing 1/3 of all sealife.

    6. Since the spill is supposedly atop magma, when it slows down, seawater will mix in and as it circulates, it shall get towards the magma, and evaporate, the buildup of gas below the ocean floor will eventually pulsate lifting the ocean floor causing tsuamis, the final explosion will cause one large enough to wipe out most land 50 to 100 miles inland from the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico.

    7. Because all above, 'if' public or announced, where would 40 million people be evacuated to? Mass chaos and panic would ensure. OR it'll be kept quiet and only survivors to worry about. Either way, a police state would be needed to keep order, if it would be able to hold up.

    Have a nice day! ;)

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