News flash from JWs! Quick run for your lives! We're doomed! the end is nigh! and its all down to the oil...

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  • highdose


    I got an email from a JW relative. They reckon that they have read a indepth report about the US oil spill and according to that.

    The oil spill is too big to be plugged.

    Its going to posion all the earths oceans.

    Which means they won't be able to produce O2.

    Which means that all life on earth is going to die...

    which is a fullfillment of the scripture " unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved"

    which means... duh duh DUH! armargeddon is nearly here!!

    Responces please?

    My responce was nearly " well, i'd better get out there and place some more magazines then(!)" but i bit my tounge

  • Fester

    I always laughed at the WTS sources for information.

    Wasn't the steam locomotive some sort of prophetic nightmare?

  • JediMaster

    Just wait till they know what comes from my toilet.....

    Jedi Master

  • nelly136


    Which means that all life on earth is going to die...

    everytime theres a disaster it gets their little palms sweating and hearts beating with anticipation at the thought of billions of people being wiped out to prove them right,

    if and when man finally stuffs the earth up and we all go bang, theyre coming too, (they just havent figured that one out)

  • designs

    Its the religion of Chicken Little.............the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

  • Bangalore

    Such a fear based religion.


  • asilentone

    When the oil is finally capped in few days, they would shut up.

  • WTWizard

    What they don't say is that, even with the oil spill, it was worse during the First Dark Ages. People used to have to burn wood indoors to cook and heat the places. Smoke from these fires would pollute the air, shortening the life span of those living inside. Besides, they had the plague that wiped out 3/4 of the population.

  • nelly136

    yup wt but jws and news channels hadnt been invented to get excited about the plague of 'biblical proportions' back then, so it doesnt count now :)

  • confliction

    lol @jedi

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