Faithful slave has been around since the 1st Century?? So why DIDN'T Charles Russell join them?

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  • sd-7

    In view of this direct quote from "The Finished Mystery", which continued to be used after 1919, even if Russell never claimed the title for himself--which may be true--his successors certainly labeled him as such and demanded that others recognize him as such. There are other direct WT quotes to support that, easily located. If indeed God chose said successors (Rutherford & gang) as his channel of communication, he should have informed them of that, you know, so they wouldn't go around claiming someone else was the "faithful slave".

  • snowbird

    Russell was also called the 7th or Last Messenger - no other was to succeed him.

    He was idolized by his followers.

    Check it out!


  • PSacramento

    There is only ONE direct link to the Apostles and Jesus and the is the Catholic chruch, like it or not, ALL christian denominations go back to them.

  • freydo

    It was always "claimed" by others.

  • peacedog

    freydo, can you clarify your position?

    Do you doubt the accuracy of the statement quoted from the Watchtower magazine? Do you doubt the claim itself?

    Unless the Watchtower lied (gasp!), Russell privately claimed to be the F&DS:

    "he admitted as much in private conversation"

  • PSacramento

    Well, if Chuck WASN'T the F&DS who was?

    If he was PART of the FDS, who were the others and why didn't that have any say in things?

  • peacedog

    To the OP: Very good question and yet another that should (but doesn't) give JWs pause for serious thought.

  • freydo

    Do you doubt the accuracy of the statement quoted from the Watchtower magazine?

    Let's see - The WT of 12/1/16 as well as The Finished Mystery was penned by who?

    That paragon of truth - J.F. Rutherfraud?


    It is interesting to note that many JWs are unaware that Charles Russell had ever declared himself the 7th angel of Revelation.

    According to author Jason Evert, Charles Russell further declared that the other 6 angels were the apostles Paul and John, the heretic Arius [condemned by the 1st Ecumenical council at Nicaea for denying the divinity of Christ], Peter Waldo [of the gnostic Waldensian sect], John Wycliff and Martin Luther. History has already proved many of his beliefs to be false.



  • Titus

    "The Finished Misery" is probably the most stupid book that WTBTS ever published.

    But they still praise it in the new DVD.

    That's incredible!

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