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  • wantstoleave

    Bitterness to me is misplaced anger. We all have things we could be bitter about, but it's how we put that feeling to use that is the important thing.

    For instance my ex abandoning me. I could've very easily become bitter and twisted, but I didn't. While I admit I went through all of the emotions associated with grief, and also much anger....I didn't let the bitterness overtake me. Some will say to embrace the feeling, others will tell you to ignore it. I would say let it manifest in a positive way. For example, you feel bitter and cheated about how you grew turn that into a positive by taking yourself out, maybe with friends, have a good time...and look to your bright future. Try not to dwell on the past.


  • noni1974

    I know I had no control over what religion I was born into so I have no bitterness towards it. My parents made that choice for me. I'm not bitter towards them either, because I know they were only doing what they thought best at the time. My parents proved to me that they love me before they will follow a religions rules. They don't shun me. All in all my life has been ok so far. Not perfect or great but ok.

    Holding onto bitterness over this will only hurt you in the long run. It's ok to be angry, but the goal should be to work it out and forgive. Not for anyone else but for yourself.

  • boyzone

    I don't think you are bitter, I think you're angry - and rightly so!. Allow yourself to be angry as its fully justified. They DESERVE your anger!!! But the anger will pass and then you'll be able to move on.

    hugs BZ

  • Quandry

    How do you overcome this?

    Little bit by little bit.

    In my own case I can just say that it is taking time...I have been "out" five years...was "in" more than thirty. I let them have more than thirty years of my life. Oh, yes, feelings of bitterness. But I also knew that I didn't want them to have any more of my life.

    I decided to get busy in at 58 I am going gung-ho for a degree in History and am enjoying learning immensely.

    I also signed up for a massage a month to try to have more peaceful feelings!

    My family got a Christmas tree with all the, decorations, and made our own wreath for the front door.

    Traveled to Colorado and went white-water rafting with my family....great fun and beautiful scenery.

    Find humor where I can in some of the people I knew or things I did as a Jdub.

    In short-live what life I have left doing things that I enjoy.

    You can do it too....little by little.

    And do not dispair when those bitter feelings creep up....just know that with time they will have less of an impact.

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