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  • Titus

    My 2 cents:

    I think that bitterness is the greatest enemy of the common sense. And when I feel bitterness in someone's words I know that he cannot be right.

    I don't say you must not feel bitterness, but then, if you feel it, don't judge anything. You will not be good judge then. I mean, this is general rule. It has nothing with any certain poster here. I feel bitterness sometimes, and I never talk about these issues.

    Here is something for those who feel bitterness:

    Give intoxicating liquor, YOU people, to the one about to perish and wine to those who are bitter of soul. (Proverbs 31:6)

  • Mad Sweeney
  • gubberningbody

    I'll say it again.

    No emotional reaction is EVER wrong.

    You feel what you feel.

    Never use strangling language on yourself or others such as:

    "You should feel X" or "You shouldn't feel X"

    You should feel what you feel because you do.

    It's that simple.

    The thing to do is to give yourself and anyone else who feels a certain way, an oportunity to explore the whys of the feeling.

    The "whys" are NEVER wrong either, because these too are "feelings".

    Use active listening with yourself or others to explore the feelings whether these are bitterness or other powerful emotions which feel unpleasant.

    (I won't use the term "negative" as applied to emotion because even that language choice condemns the one having the feeling)

    Brainstorm, the canvas, the landscape and the world of the feeling to see where it's strongest and give it the understanding. Spend A LOT of time with it, exploring the terrain. Get a sense of the textures, the sounds, the sights of the feeling and know it. Be the emotion completely.

    The emotion will feel understood, accepted, justified and then the emotion will dissipate and you will understand yourself and the factors which lead you to the world where that emotion lives.

    Don't try to destroy the world of the emotion because it is a part of you as well, and it has its place.

    Let it breathe and it will stop shoving you under the water to survive.

  • Titus

    Of course, I am talking about "malicious bitterness".

    Let all malicious bitterness be taken away from YOU along with all badness. (Ephesians 4:31)


    Good morning Shelby!..

    I don`t lament the loss of the people in the WBT$..

    They chose their lives..

    Theres no law against being stupid..

    I mourn the destruction of my family by the WBT$..

    That does`nt go away..


  • chickpea

    bitterness is anger without a purpose...
    hell, be angry but use that anger as the
    fuel for a purpose... sitting around stewing
    about past injustices keeps you locked to

    dont worry about what the dr0nes are up to...
    i suspect more than half those kids
    getting baptized as preteens will be out
    by their 25th birthdays, and some of them
    will be following their parents'exits!!

    get busy with what will give your life meaning!
    vounteer your time and talents to a purpose!
    enroll in an academic course of study! be a
    mentor to some kid who needs smart people
    in her life!

    live life on purpose and leave the
    captives to their own business...

    purpose comes from a latin word meaning
    to put forth.... act with purpose! move forward!

  • wasblind

    these teens will no doubt face disfellowshipping or be reproved before adulthood

    and it will be for trying to live a normal life, because life in the org is not normal

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Something I really hate about the wtbs is the constant barrage of were the happiest people. I don't want to be told how I feel especially by an organization who is making me feel unhappy. They constantly say things like we're looking forward with anticipation to an week of increased activity when the co comes how joyful we are and I was thinking no I'm not joyful I have no interest in his visit or increased activity. I don't want to feed him or work with him. another thing is calling unpleasant jobs privileges.

    I don't like all this pretending I feel a way that I don't so its refreshing to get real if you're bitter spit it out "I'm bitter" yea maybe I won't be tomorrow because each day my feelings change. So don't worry about it feelings come & go and time really does heal its ok to hate them they deserve it remember there are some happy things yet to come make a memory do something weird.

  • LostGeneration

    Yeah nancy I'd be really bitter if I was still knocking on doors and getting hyped up for the regional sales manager visit. Looking back I secretly resented all the stuff I had to do for them, but you can't say that because like you said "we are all the happiest people" on earth. What a load of bull!

    Maybe its just part of the process of transforming from a robot into a real human where you are allowed to be bitter, sad, happy, elated, depressed, whatever you actually feel from day to day when dealing with life!

  • AGuest
    No emotional reaction is EVER wrong.

    I cannot agree with you, dear GB (peace to you!) because anger is an emotion, and so is unbridled lust... and their "reactions" are very often wrong, even harmful.

    And I hear you, dear Outlaw (peace to you, as well, my dear friend!), but I don't believe mourning... and bitterness... are quite the same thing. One serves a noble purpose. The other...?

    I bid you both peace... no in the way that the world gives it, but in the way my Lord gives it - where it overcomes such emotions and "conquers" the hate and anger behind them... so that you can live... and rejoice in such living... to the glory of God.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


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