Just curious...how do JW's who became Catholics deal with the corrupt history of the church?

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    asilent... In posting this I make no claim to moral superiority to anyone. I do claim epistemological superiority insofar as the claims of agnosticism are demonstrable whereas those made by JW's, Catholocs and any others who make grand claims "God is with us, not you" are not.

    I'm not sure you really understand the tense usage... Whereas I might have been programmed in the past, I am no longer programmed....

    In truth, there are JW's who are not programmed, these I call "the ones who will leave" (I class myself and my wife among these...we were ignorant, but not programmed), however those who leave and embrace another in the same manner ARE programmed and merely hand the control over to another Borg. Those who are programmed are those who won't engage in a public discussion.

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    Because there is no such thing as "The Perfect Religion". Having put up with the WTBTS's false boasting about how they are God's organization/people you come to find out that none of them is the true religion..you just go with the one you are most comfortable with or none at all..thank goodness we have the power/freedom of choice!

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