If you had to place a bet on who would be the next Ray Franz...

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  • booby

    Titus - what are you talking about. He totally lambastes silent lambs.

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    OTWO! "Take the money and run!" How would they divvy up the money? Billions in cash, real estate etc. divided among whom? The IRS would be licking their lips.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    If the Borg assets belong to the many individual Corporations, all the lawyers would need to do is freeze out the GB.

    I have asked this several times on the board and nobody seems to know the answer: What LEGAL tie of authority does the GB have over any of the Watch Tower corporations? Why do the presidents and boards answer to the GB at all? If it is ONLY for spiritual respect reasons, then any of the corporations could go rogue and legally the GB couldn't do a thing about it. Only IF the GB has some LEGAL authority over the corporations can they control the financial assets if things get worse.

  • OnTheWayOut

    OTWO! "Take the money and run!" How would they divvy up the money? Billions in cash, real estate etc. divided among whom? The IRS would be licking their lips.

    There would not be any general rules of divvying it up. It would be a free-for-all. They would be transfering money to Caribbean accounts and maybe many would just take so much that they could actually pay the taxes on what it winds up invested in. Free money is still free if you appropriated it and paid part of it as taxes.

    As far as whom, WTS money doesn't really go to the Governing Body. It gets funneled to suppliers of ink, paper, autos, shipping, real estate and legal services. The lawyers would be making sure they have relatives in some needed business. We don't hear much about it because lawyers are good about keeping that all quiet- just like politicians. They'll over-bill a bit now, but as the well starts to dry up, they will way over-bill.

  • flipper

    MAD SWEENEY- I totally agree with you. I've been trying to hint at the point you just brought up for the last 2 years on this board. I truly feel the governing body IS just a " spiritual figurehead" to the rank and file witnesses- they have NO CONTROL over the money and corporate WT attorneys that shuffle the millions $$$ around. I've talked to several ( who had connections to GB members ) and they verified what you are saying. All it would take is ONE dissenter of someone at the top of the money control food chain to commit fraud or extort millions $$$$ from the WT society who has business connections outside WT land - and the game would be on. So instead of a GB member dissenting- I think it would be some corporate attorney controlling the millions $$$$ who would fall from grace first. Just my 2 cents

  • Dogpatch

    I agree with pistoff:

    The GB learned their lesson with Franz; they cut off at the knees any speaker who strays.

    No structure is in place that would allow a clear thinker to rise to the rank necessary to make a difference.

    They have carefully engineered "Bible doctrine" to weed out the egotist who won't tow the old school organization line. Russell, Rutherford, and Knorr did it as a necessity to keep the organization's cronyism in place as long as they could (until Armageddon). Then the cronyism in heaven would start all over and they'd fight over it again. Otherwise they would be bored in heaven.


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