Youtube of the 'Remain in the Secret Place' generation talk at District Convention.

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  • flipper

    What was the old Three Dog Night song ? " LIAR ! LIAR ! " This pisses me off beyond belief. I'm DEFINITELY calling my nephew today ( 30 yrs.old ) who stopped attending meetings over a year ago and recently patronized my older brother ( his dad ) and his mom and went to the district convention to keep peace. It's time to have a pow wow with Uncle Flipper again.

    The audacity of this brain dead speaker to claim that the younger " contemporaries " are the same generation as Fred Franz and the 1914 cast of characters who have ALREADY DIED - then claiming that these WON'T die is scandalous ! Last time I checked - the older part of this " 2 generation " group are STILL DEAD ! I'm going to do everything in my power to assist my JW family to REALLY understand what's going on here. I'm a man on a mission

  • booby

    It is quite interesting to follow this speaker with the outline. He actually "adlibbed" added a lot to the outline, and to me made it far more difficult to get the point they were trying to drive home. Strong emphasis on just 2 groups is not in the outline. If you listen to the talk from mp3 provided by yknot thread, that brother follows outline very closely.

  • booby

    My impression would be that this brother found the explanation difficult and confusing and wanted to make it clearer. He didn't succeed. But then how could he. Start with bull guess what you end up with.

  • villabolo

    The incredible, expanding generation!


  • man in black
    man in black

    that was quite ridiculous to listen to.

  • VM44

    From Part 1, "We are eager to hear Brother John ???..."

    I can't quite make out his last name, sounds like "Ogre" to me.

    "Brother John Ogre", that would be a good name for an overseer!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The speakers name is John Broker. This is his first assignment as being a CO. He went to Gilead and was a missionary for about 10 years. He is in his late 40's.

  • VM44

    Thank you for his name, I kept listening to the video and could never quite understand what it was.

  • steve2

    I heard voices burbling in the background, in particular, a baby's. Never before has the sound of a child been such a welcome distraction from the snoozefest-delivery of the boring old fart on stage. I'm astonished that I used to hang on to every word of new light. But a desperately trusting soul I once was.

  • wannaexit

    SOOOOOOOO! when the youngest governing body member dies.....then the end will be. Can't believe this crap is believed.

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