Youtube of the 'Remain in the Secret Place' generation talk at District Convention.

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  • LostGeneration
    Years from now, when this current light comes back to bite them in the butt, they'll be able to latch on to the word USUALLY and say: ah, well, in this case, it actually didn't mean that....someday their own words are going to SINK THEM!!!

    If it were that easy, they would have been long gone....If they are able to re-define the dictionary definition of "generation" without a whimper of protest from the R&F, then they can pretty much do anything. They have replaced the bible with the "slave" and its working.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Ugh... I forced myself to listen to this in its entirety. Howcome all of the speeakers sound

    the same. It was a deja vu moment from my childhood..that slow, monotonous, second grade

    tone. He said secret place 38 times and I am still not sure what he means by that. Funny how

    depression is mentioned. NEVER mentioned when I was growing up. Jehovah didn't allow that.

    Also, the what wordly man doesn't have coercion part made me vomit. The nicest men I've known

    have not a religious leaning whatsoever. i think i need some maalox

  • foolsparadise

    HAHA. What a bunch of garbage. The light gets duller and duller!!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty


  • villabolo

    diana netherton says: " He said secret place 38 times and I am still not sure what he means by that."

    You actually counted? And what do you mean you're not sure what he means by that? Isn't that supposed to be a secret?

    foolsparadise says: "HAHA. What a bunch of garbage. The light gets duller and duller!!"

    Yes, the LIES get dimmer and dimmer.

    Meeting Junkie No More says: "He lost me right there at the beginning: 'the degree of our suffering amplifies Jehovah's appreciation of our faith??'"

    ". . .Jehovah's Holy Spirit is actually amplifying . . ."---"So EVIDENTLY, IT WOULD APPEAR that AMPLIFY is the new buzzword for this year."

    Apparently Jehovah's an electronic device.

    chickpea says: "omg, the scan of the crowd made me cringe!"

    Yeap, I noticed that. Demoralized. I have never seen JW's so obviously bored and apathetic. Then it's been thirty years.


  • sacolton

    Matthew 24:26

    So if someone tells you, 'He's in the desert!' don't go out [looking for him]. And don't believe anyone who says, 'He's in a secret place!'

  • daringhart13


    I can't believe I used to give those talks.

    That has got to be one of the lamest.....absolutely RIDICULOUS things I've ever listened to.

    By the way...I drive a car, which was invented by Henry Ford.....therefore, we 'overlap'.......and are part of the same generation.

    When they cameraman scans the crowd....its the same old thing......half the people are day dreaming......the other half are passionately taking notes......

    This new 'generations' change is an epic teaching..... and the greater majority can't tell you anything about it. Nothing. Nada. The speaker himself sounds less than confident...... like he is trying hard to NOT mess it up.

  • diamondiiz

    lol 2 groups? Where does it say there needs to be only two groups? Why, Joseph had 11 brothers so couldn't this generation be compiled of 12 groups? Franz makes up the first group and then there are 11 that follow? After all number 12 represents "divinely balanced organization", so it would make sense if GB had a future "light" that the generation doesn't end until each group of the generation experienced the different stages of the generation that Jesus spoke of.

    unbelievable that people will buy this shit

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    10 seconds in, I wanted to turn the damn thing off. So many unpleasant memories came flooding back. Years and years of listening to the mindless droning of the speakers at meetings and assemblies. Jesus Christ, they all sound exactly the same.

    Two things stood out to me. (1) Where is the "Scriptual Evidence" that there are two and only two groups? Where does the Bible back up their claim of an "original group" and an "overlapping" group?

    (2) Watching the zombies in attendance drink up this kool-aid without a thought in their heads made me laugh and made me sick to my stomach at the same time. Absolutely unreal. Close your eyes and picture Jim Jones addressing that crowd. No wonder they're called "sheep".

  • Hadit

    Wow! Infuriating bunch of BS. He didn't even understand what he was talking about and getting lost in his own words.

    Joseph's brothers shared a common experience so they were of various ages but of the same generation? Hello!! Common experience - um . . . . you mean coming out of the womb of the same woman - their mother? Yes, that would make them THE same generation. So how again does that make me of the same generation as someone who was born in 1930? Because our lives overlapped? NEWS FLASH: Everyone's life overlaps! They will keep overlapping . . . . the generation will never end! I guess the end will never come so why the rush?


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