Youtube of the 'Remain in the Secret Place' generation talk at District Convention.

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  • Titus

    "Now comes the interesting part..." (7:23)


  • VM44

    Does anyone know the location where this particular talk was given?

  • VM44

    In addition to anyone recognizing where the talk was given, does anyone know the name of the brother giving the talk?

    Who is he?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    In 50 or 100 years from now if you show that video they will shrug their shoulders and say the light is a lot brighter now!

    It will have no more significance to them than 19th century pyramidolgy teachings do today.


  • cyberjesus

    it looks like long beach CA, but then again all arenas look the same in the convention. full of dubs!

  • VM44

    The complete Doctrine Change Talk!
    The complete Doctrine Change Talk! Pt. 2

    The complete Doctrine Change Talk! Pt. 3

    The complete Doctrine Change Talk! Pt. 4

    The complete Doctrine Change Talk! Pt. 5

  • Pistoff


    1. The 'generation' consists of 2, he said so, 2 groups only of people whose lives overlap.

    2. The first group consists of those whose lives ended at or around 1992, like Franz.

    3. The second group INCLUDING CURRENT GB MEMBERS (no doubt the real reason for this 'new light') who knew Fred, er, 'whose lives overlapped' with those from first group.

    This speaker specifically limits the generation to 2 groups of people whose lives overlap, getting this apparently from the holy spirit directly.

    4. The end will come before the death of the second group.

    Of course, as has been noted, this will change in around 2050, when all current GB members are worm food.

    The problem for them now is the digital age will preserve this video forever, and analyzed again and again.

  • EmptyInside

    I understand he was reading an outline, but it sounded like he was making it up as he went along.

    And just like the convention, I was getting sleepy. Convention talks just put me in a sedated state.

  • VM44
    Sunday, Jul. 04, 2010

    Jehovah's Witness convention draws thousands to Tri-Cities

    By Sara Schilling, Herald staff writer

    KENNEWICK -- The speaker marched onto the stage and addressed the audience of thousands.

    "Is it possible for you and I to have a close relationship with the creator of the universe?" he asked. "The Bible answers that question in the affirmative."

    The men, women and children surrounding the stage at the Toyota Center in Kennewick on Friday took notes as he spoke. They'd been listening to elders from Jehovah's Witness congregations in the Northwest all morning.

    More talks were planned that afternoon. And the rest of the weekend.

    That's because the series of three-day district conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses that draw thousands of people to the Tri-Cities each summer is in full swing.

    This weekend's event -- which started Friday and runs through today -- is the first of the conventions in English. A convention in Spanish was held last month.

    The conventions bring millions of dollars to the Tri-Cities each summer as participants flood into restaurants at the end of each day and out-of-towners fill up area hotels.

    But to convention-goers, they're much more than an economic boon to the community.

    "We come to learn more about God. It's a highlight of our year," said Jay Mergenthaler, 62, who drove with his wife from Missoula, Mont., for this weekend's event.

    They've been able to visit with friends they haven't seen since last year and to soak in the convention's religious lessons, he said.

    This year's theme is "Remain close to Jehovah!"

    Participants say the events are relaxed affairs. There's no admission fee and no offering is taken. The public is invited.

    Elders from different congregations -- the Kennewick conventions draw members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana -- speak on topics related to the overall theme. There's also a drama production, complete with costumes and actors who've practiced for weeks.

    On Saturdays, a temporary pool was set up by the stage for baptisms. At the Spanish language convention in June, more than 70 people were baptized, officials said.

    Conventiongoers said they lean on the lessons they learn during the events for months afterward. Brenda Phillips, 34, of Richland, said she takes notes and revisits them later in the year.

    She and hundreds of others poured into the Toyota Center for Friday's convention. Families sat together -- there's no separate program for kids -- and listened to the speakers.

    Jehovah's Witnesses believe in God, or Jehovah. They believe Jesus is his son and that the Bible is God's infallible word, according to information from the group.

    They model their faith on early Christianity and do a lot of evangelism.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are spending time before this summer's conventions -- as they do every year -- knocking on doors and inviting neighbors to attend.

    The faith helps people in good and bad times, and that's a message worth sharing, Mergenthaler said.

    Phillips said she looks forward to the convention each year as a time of fun and renewal.

    "It lasts you all year," she said. "(Then) you're ready to come again and have that encouragement again."

    The conventions continue July 9-11 and 16-18. The program begins about 9:20 a.m. each day.

  • VM44

    I have been informed that this particular talk was given at 2:55pm on Sunday, July 4, 2010 at this location:

    Kennewick, WA (Starting date: 2010-07-02)


    Toyota Center

    7100 W. Quinault Ave., Kennewick WA 99336-7696

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