Evidence that God hates cats

by SweetBabyCheezits 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • ziddina

    Aaaaarrrgfh!!! OnTheWayOut, remind me to NEVER allow you to petsit!!!

    Bastet's going to getcha!! ALL of you cat-haters!!!

    CAT - MaGeDDoN!!


  • SweetBabyCheezits

    ROFL, OTWO... I've gotta remember that.

  • ziddina

    Need I discuss "Bob" and "Matt" with you characters???

  • jamiebowers
    Welcome to the board, brotherdan. sd-7 is a master at writing in PseudoDub. You two should contact each other and collaborate on a spoof magazine like the Witchtower. Or find the Witchtower people and contribute stuff to their mag.

    I just spoke to SD-7 on the phone Friday afternoon, but I had not been on JWN as of then. I'll email him this thread and call him on Monday.

  • Leolaia

    I've already posted at length about that Armageddon picture in the OP and the cat in particular:


  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Well, crap. Leave it to the new guy (me) to think he brought something fresh to the table when it's yesteryear's dead topic. Man, I've been fixated on that damn cat for over two decades and now that I've FINALLY found a safe place to share it, the cat's already out of the bag (per se). Thanks a lot, Internets!

    Leo, for what it's worth, yours is better. Lots of time spent on that... I'd be quick to say, "Old joke, pal!" too if I were you. I humbly yield to your superior satiric comedy and now that I've been reduced to a crumb of a man, I'm going to softly cry myself to sleep.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Of course Joe Ho Ho Ho is going to kill cats at Armageddon.

    Didn't you all learn that at the bookstudy?

    There are only going to be the vegetarian cats left after Armageddon. Lions will do cabbage farts in Paradise.

  • wozza
  • wozza

    Oops sorry .....suppose I better say something now ,the trigger fingeralways gets twitchy when I think of cats.

    Used to love teasing the sisters that were cat lovers by saying that the cat was the only creature that Satan was allowed to create. God sometimes I could just make the one here vanish if I had some of those apostate demonz powers

  • blondie
    Blondie what publication was that picture from? I remember it well, but can't remember which publication its from. :)

    waterspout, that was the orange book, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained bab19833e7a00faf55cc0110_AA240_L.jpg From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, Watchtower Society (Tanya Olmstead, Amazon.com) image by jefferyhodges

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