Where do we go when we die

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Let me know when you find out for sure.

  • changeling

    I love to ponder... but just because something is "ponderable" doesn't make it real...

  • PSacramento

    As a christain I believe in life after death and in life AFTER life after death ( ressurection), but that doesn't change the fact that what I do HERE and NOW is as important, if not mORE, than what I may do in ther afterlife.

    The danger of the JW belief system of "life after death" is that too many see it as a reason/excuse to do NOTHINg in the here and now, they use the excuse of the "wicked system of things", the "world being under the power of Satan" and "only God can fix it", to do nothing productive for the society they live in.

    Views and beliefs like that are truly unproductive and even dangerous.

    Funny thing is that, here is God, he gives us this amazing planet and gives us all the power to make it paradise or crap, then they in turn say to him, "no thanks, after all the crap we did/do destrying it, YOU can fix it for us".

    God that sent his Son, God's Son that DIED for this Planet, they must love that kind of productive and positive attitude.

  • changeling

    Many religions (Christians in particular) build their beliefs on an afterlife. The afterlife becomes the goal, "this" life is just a stepping stone. This causes many (look at JWs) to deny themselves real growth in favor of focusing on a life they will never see.

    Grow now, learn now, "be" now... if there is an afterlife it will take care of itself...

  • darthfader

    After I die, will I exist again? Forever is a long time -- A lot can happen when you think of infinity...

  • BurnTheShips
    maybe to you... prove that we have more that the NOW... prove it... scientifically...

    Indeed, TO ME.

    As for proving, can't with science. It would be like trying to drive a screw with a hammer, or a nail with a screwdriver. Science is a method used to describe the natural.


  • techdotcom

    I say why worry about it. I can "believe" the soul is a make up fiction, or I could "believe" the soul is immortal and will move on after this mortal body perishes. In either case I there is no way to "know" for certain until I die and find out or don't.

    You live now, so "live now". Speculation if fun and in drunken moments of insight I've been known to muse on any number of issues. But as anything other than entertainment or mental exercise it is worthless.

    Just my 2cents. What is, is. Like Paul Blart says "Observe and report". If you die and can find a way to get a message back about the conditions after, that would be awsome. Until then I've got life to worry about.

  • superpunk

    The only thing certain is death, cease of existence. Anything after that is just pointless speculation.

  • snowbird

    Riddle me this, somebody: What's the difference in everlasting, infinity, and eternity?

    Illustrate, please.



  • BurnTheShips
    Riddle me this, somebody: What's the difference in everlasting, infinity, and eternity?

    Eternity is timeless.

    Infinity is time without end.

    Everlasting could be used to refer to either eternity, or infinity.

    Am I close?


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