Kingdom Hall Dreaming

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  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    How many of you have had these dreams, where you find yourself at the Hall or Assembly?

    I have found myself in both scenarios, almost 10 years since I set foot in either, but when I do have these dreams (not often) I do laugh out loud in my dream saying "what the hell am I doing here" And the freinds..... oh how are you, it's so good to see you back. And the venue is always dark. I find my way to the exits and leave..... and this feeling of relief comes over me. I always look back and if I'm with someone comment how I used to go all the time to these things... and we have a good laugh.

    I'm always laughing in these dreams.....

    Interpretations my fellow prophets???

  • NewYork44M

    All the time. I have frequent dreams about (1) going out in service, (2) giving talks, and (3) praying at a meeting. All very frustrating. I find that there is a coorelation between the frequency of the dreams and the amount of time I spend on JNN.

  • MrFreeze

    That's just Satan trying to infiltrate your dreams and make you not want to go back... what I would say if I were a delusional JW.

  • WTWizard

    This happens quite a bit. I would be at the Kingdumb Hell, wondering how I managed to get there despite my vow to never set foot in one of those places again, and then the hounders would start showing up so I would be committed to that one more boasting session. Sometimes I would find myself at a book study, which is about to start--once being asked to say the opening prayer (Dear Satan, please put unclean thoughts in these people's heads so they can sin and get disfellowshipped, and stumble as many as possible).

    I have also seen a$$emblies this way. Those dreaded things are usually more disjointed, as often as not leading to an intermission or ending as I find my seat. Having a dream of an a$$embly where I actually hear a talk delivered in a format that is accurate (whether the talk itself is) is extremely rare. I might say, however, that once I was at the end of day 1 of the Grand Boasting Session and they kept the prayer rambling specifically because I needed to get the hell out of there quickly, and tried to prevent me from walking out during the prayer.

    Usually, however, it reminds me of how I would dream of having about half of my Christmas decorations down, and be working on the other half when it would have been as easy to start from one end to the other and get them all in one go. When I was a witless, I used to dream of being in a place where I only half finished the removal of the decorations, with the other half being "to do".

  • JediMaster

    Actually I don't think I've had a single dream since I left. At least not that I can remember. I've dreamt of my friends but not the actual Hall. Ha, I wonder why since I used to be so into it....????


  • IronHill

    I dreamt I was in a Kingdom Hall the other night, and some of my friends were happy to see me, others were shunning me...It was very strange. I felt very uncomfortable, and only felt relief when I woke up.

  • finallysomepride

    no i don't, but now you mention it i'm sure to start dreaming (nightmare) about being back at kh, thanks in advance LOL

  • finallysomepride

    if i do i will come back tomorrow to tell

  • miseryloveselders

    WTWizard LOL. I swear you should write a book dude.

  • Soldier77

    Those are nightmares! Not dreams.

    It must be the sub-conscience self telling you something...

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