How often does a Wt song run through your head

by Lady Lee 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    It happens more often than I like. But what was very unusual was when I was going through a lot of emotions, coming to grips with the true history of the Society and its teachings and its impact on my life. I was studying the Bible and historical publications a few hours every day, day after day, and had come see all the problems.

    I would wake up in the morning with Kingdom Melodies constantly running through my head and it would continue through the day. It was like all these songs and their teachings were resurfacing, not wanting to let go of my mind. Eventually it subsided, but it was intense for a period of time.

  • teel

    Only when someone mentions a specific song - fortunately reading here on JWN is mostly safe for me, because I don't immediately associate the title with the song (me not being english).

    If I do get stuck with a Kingdom song I sing the national anthem in my head lol - not because I'm patriotic at all, but because it's just so antagonistic.

  • IronHill

    That is too funny...It doesnt normally happen but the other day in the shower, one just popped in my head and I began whistling it. I recoiled when it finally hit me what song it was. I told my wife later and all she did was laugh at me...

  • finallysomepride

    can't say never, but sure comes close to it.

  • wobble

    Same with me finallysomepride, but I recognise one quick enough.

    I was standing in the reception area of a local business this week, awaiting some paperwork, when a guy in the office adjoining, the door was open, began to whistle one of them damn toons, what a ding bat, couldn't he think of anything more tuneful ?

  • goldensky

    I'm surprised I seem to be the only one who just carries on singing when I catch myself humming one. They bring back beautiful memories and it feels good to remember how it felt. Some of the words and tunes made me feel so full of faith and devotion! I even play a couple on the piano from time to time. And now, thanks to Snowbird and JediMaster, I can't get "An evening song to Jehovah" out of my brain. Ha, ha! Honestly, didn't you find some of them very moving when you were in?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I replace it immediately with "Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination...and when he's tall, he's what we call a dinosaur sensation..."

    Barney songs work very well. I find Kingdom songs a good cure for Barney. It just goes back and forth...back and forth...

    Hahaha not really


    Yes, I loved the "new" songbook after the pink one. It had songs in different cultures' styles. I played a few on the piano, too. I felt very good same as you when I sang them.

    Now, I'm so over it all because the effort leads to no where.

    I still have warm memories, though. The cold ones out weigh the warm ones

  • MsDucky

    The only word (not song) that gets stuck is Jehovah. I have to get that name outta my head. Here's a Canadian? song that we had to sing in school. It'll get stuck in your head!

  • snowbird

    Goldensky, I'm humming Happy the Merciful right now.

    It is so beautiful and moving.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    For those of you who have never heard a kingdum song like this you have to try it. You can choose to open the file and give it a listen

    From Farkel

    Resurrected for you new ones, because while I couldn't play it at the Kingdom Hall, I can play it here!

    I call it "Dubsticks." It's an old familiar dubbie melody.


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