"And they will rule as kings and priests..." where?

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    The Watchtower Society however forgets this correct understanding of epi in Revelation 5:10 and substitutes a spatial reading in its interpretation of the verse.

    Yes, and thank you, dear Leolaia (may you have peace!), for the further clarification... and inclusion of the WTBTS' own contradictory propaganda! It is unfortunate that such things even need to be explained... and that even though their own Bible DOES actually say "upon" at Revelation 5:9, 10 (not in the text but in the footnote - see, NWT Ref. Bible), the rank and file either overlook it, do not comprehend it, or... mostly... simply WANT to believe what the WTBTS' tells them about it. Even if it's wrong... by their own publications.

    My hope is that if ones see what a WTBTS publication depicts, then perhaps they WILL comprehend... maybe even come to believe... that there is no rulership "over" the earth (in a spatial sense)... but that it will be "heaven"... ON earth.

    Again, thank you... and may JAH bless!

    Your servant, and a slave of Christ,


    P.S. - I'm also with dear PSacto in that I don't think they "forget" as much as they'd like folks to think they do! -

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