SO sad! The elders never cease to amaze me...

by babygirl30 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • scotinsw

    Happy ending though - both of you are out of the org but what a thing to go through. Stories like this make me feel so sick and angry!

  • blondie

    What amazes me is not the elders that do these things but the elders that stand by and let them do it.

  • snowbird

    I am sickened.


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Babygirl30........what a messed up situation. Terrible crimes against innocent people have been covered over by the "must not bring any reproach on Jehovah's name" excuse. What a shitty group of elders. Were his 3 buddies that helped gang rape her also JW's? Do you think your friend will visit the forum now or did you mention it?

    Think About It

  • chickpea

    YAY for facebook! i hope it continually irritates
    the GB and its minions like a painful rectal itch

    in the end, it is good you each have an
    ally who KNOWs the real truth about
    the Truth © .... it is one of those things
    that if you have to explain it, no one
    can possibly understand....

  • brotherdan

    This is exactly why I wish everyone called into a judicial committee secretly records it! People need to be warned and prepared as to what they are going to face. I've only been able to find 3 or 4 judicial committee recordings on the internet. But each of them have been VERY helpful. is a great one. Click on "Enter" and then screen "5" and then on "fly on the wall", to hear Rick Fearons judicial committee. Very enlightening.

  • Newborn

    OMG! Brotherdan...that is horrible...noone should have to go thru that. It's like listneing to a bad play. I can't believe it actually happens.

    I was chased to go to such meeting but I refused and "wrote" myself out of the borg!!!! I'm soooo happy for that today.

    It's really humiliating for themselves and they seem to be so ignorant.

    I hope they can't sleep at night

  • WTWizard

    Which is one more reason I would never bother showing up at all. The hounders would make it look like something it isn't. The story in my situation is that they promised to help me with the opposite sex, they intentionally welshed on it (itself should have gotten them disfellowshipped for lying), then they told me to just meet men. At which point I had nothing further to lose by slithering out, making them waste their time and energy on me. If they make it look like anything else, they would again be committing slander and lying--something they seem to be good at, for being "in the truth".

  • babygirl30

    Don't get me wrong, I tell ANYONE I know that is 'doing their own thing' to NEVER EVER confess to the elders!!! Back in the day, being a born-in, I was TOLD that being faithful and a good lil JW was to tell...on yourself and others in cases of sin. If not, I would be held 'bloodguilty'. But the older I got, the more I began to figure out that it didn't feel RIGHT to judge others that way! I didn't like being responsible for someone ELSES choices, that's not fair at all!!! And now as an adult, I fail to see how anyone is required to 'answer to' MEN in a Khall for anything...they don't pay my bills, buy me clothes, put food on my table, or take CARE of me - so what right do they have to judge me and what choices I make? NONE. So now, i tell folks to just keep it between you and God.

  • AGuest

    I really don't get angry often (may you all have peace!), but every once in a while something comes up that makes wanna CUSS... REAL BAD! Because there really are NO words to describe that anger. None. Not even the "bad" taste it leaves in your mouth. No description.

    I bid you peace, dear Babygirl... you and your friend. Not in the way the "world" gives it... but in the way my Lord gives it, so that no matter what the world says to you... or "does" to you... you will still know that you are LOVED by the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies. I know some ridicule that and say, "Yeah, well, how come I ain't feelin' it?" based on what's occurring in their lives. But that's not the case with everyone.

    May you... and your friend... be among those who DO feel... and know... it, without a doubt... if you so wish it.

    A slave of Christ,


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