JW that works downstairs from me in concession stand holds up Daily Text asking out loud, "Did you have your breakfast?"

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  • DaCheech

    nobody in my business (including customers) know I'm a witness.

    Once a group of JW's from my hall saw another person who does my work.

    the witnesses asked them if he knew me and etc.

    this guy told me later in one of our meetings............ I was so embarassed and blew it off

  • ziddina

    Hmmm, Mad Sweeney?? When I was 'in' - during the 60's and 70's - it was acceptable to just stand during the pledge of alliegance, without going thru the motions or saying the words... I was totally O-K with that, as it indicated respect for what was taking place... But to just sit there?? I'm glad I was able to stand up in respect...


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    That was the National Anthem, which JW's stay sat for, unless they are already standing.

    The pledge of alliegence is to be stood for but not saluted.

  • steve2

    I get that you'd want to have a word with her - after all she caught you by suprise and you almost tripped when she called out to you so loudly - so please don't get me wrong in what I say next:

    Her loud comment to you was not especially preachy or exposing; she never called you "Sister", nor did she mention anything directly JW-ish that non-JWs would have noticed. She simply held up some book and asked you whether you'd had your breakfast. You recognized the book, everyone else wouldn't have known the significance of the book

    Your reaction suggests that maybe you hadn't had your breakfast and hence were feeling hungry,irritable and possibly a little oversensitive.

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