JW that works downstairs from me in concession stand holds up Daily Text asking out loud, "Did you have your breakfast?"

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  • miseryloveselders

    The company I work for rents out several floors in an office building. This JW works for the actual office building, specifically in a little mini concession stand, with things like overpriced chips, soda, etc.. So I'm walking through the revolving doors this morning, and I see her. Elevators can be a mofo in the morning some days. Not enough elevators, too many people going to too many different floors. And we got 40 floors, with several different companies renting. But today, a group of people got on one elevator just as another empty elevator opened up. Another group of people I assumed were going to run towards the elevator didnt. I'm guessing they were awaiting a liason to meet them in the lobby. So I acknowledged psycho-dub, saying, "Hey! G'Mornin! Gotta get this elevator!" She looks at me, holds up the Daily Text(Examining the Scriptures Daily 2010) like she was street witnessing, and asks out loud, in front of everybody, "Did you have your breakfast?!?!?" You know I almost tripped into the elevator. I could have killed her for that. I don't mind letting people know I'm a JW. At the same time however, I don't advertise it unprofessionally either. At least have some dignity with this misfit religion. She's done this before, and I think I'm going to have to approach her about this.

    You ever have fellow JWs either in school or at work, or other social situations do something embarrassing that puts you on the spot? Ever have JWs put you in an unwelcomed spotlight? Especially an unnecessary light?

  • snowbird

    Yes, yes, and yes!

    I once worked at a public health facility.

    One offspring of a JW couple used to make it her business to come into my area and call out loudly, "Hey, Sister -----!"

    Heads would swivel in my direction, and I wanted to choke her!

    Crazy girl!


  • Soldier77

    Oh yea, I hate it when people over-use the name Jehovah. I mean WTF? We're at lunch and "X" witness says the name Jehovah like 10+ times in a conversation out loud. Are you trying to count time or something? Seriously, STFU!

    I've always thought that if the only thing you talk about is the witnesses and their god all the time it's a sign of guilt. Some may say that they can't help themselves because they love their god sooooo much. Bullshit, I love motorcycles, passionate about them, but I don't talk about it non-stop with my friends. That would be annoying and obnoxious. I feel like bitch slapping anyone that goes on and on about being a JW. Guess that's why I don't hang out with those fakers anymore.

  • JediMaster
    with things like overpriced chips, soda, etc..

    Maybe you should counsel her. If you help her see how selling overpriced stuff amounts to stealing, maybe her so well trained conscience will kick in and she'll find a different job.

    Jedi Master

  • blondie

    I have worked with jws but no "sister" comments. But I am in my union and they toss those terms around when we meet in the hallway....ow!

  • serenitynow!

    Misery that story made me laugh so hard. She sounds crazy. The JWs at my last job acted worse than the worldly people, I was the best JW there, i.e not sleeping with anybody, and I was inactive. About calling people sister/brother I sometimes dont know how I should address that person if Im not on a first name basis with them so I am guilty.

  • nelly136

    does the office building who own the concession wagon know people are being offered extras with their overpriced chips?


    Having to put up with socially retarded JW`s is a Pain..

    "Look at me!!..I`m a Idiot!!.."

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • changeling

    When I returned to work after 9/11 a regular pioneer who I worked with grabbed me in front of other co-workers and said: "Isn't this exciting!!!"

    I wanted to slap her. I said: "It's very sad", and walked away.

  • dinah

    I can relate to the 9/11 thing. They were actually excited. All those people burned alive, or jumping to escape..........just sick.

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