JW that works downstairs from me in concession stand holds up Daily Text asking out loud, "Did you have your breakfast?"

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  • LongHairGal


    I despise stupid JWs who act idiotic in public situations. To me they are no more than stupid, giddy kindergarten children with no sense of real responsibility. I would never tolerate them overstepping boundaries on a job and I would speak to them and tell them they are NEVER to call me 'sister' either in work or in public.


    It was even worse than that. I heard a rumor that when the news got out that some JWs had been killed in the Trade towers, somebody in HQ is supposed to have made a callous remark along the lines of '....well, that is what they get for not being out in the ministry' (or words to that effect).

    I am just curious to know how the true god feels about attitudes like this.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I had a horrible experience with a good JW friend of mine as a teenager. We were at some event where the national anthem was played. I always hated not standing up respectfully but played the sit quietly game like a good little Dub. Anyway, the guy with me decided to pay more than the usual disrespect to the United States of America by trying to talk to me throughout the entire song. I kept trying to discreetly "Shh!" him and ignore him but he just wouldn't stop showing his ass. Well, after the song ended, which seemed like an eternity, the dude behind us puts his hands on both our shoulders, not lightly, (as I glance back at him I see he has a sidearm) and tells us that he's a veteran and that he fought for this country and his friends died for this country and that we're both damned lucky we live in a civilized country like the USA or else he'd have killed us both then and there.

    It was embarrassing. It was scary. It was shameful.

  • BurnTheShips
    "Did you have your breakfast?"

  • serenitynow!

    "Anyway, the guy with me decided to pay more than the usual disrespect to the United States of America by trying to talk to me throughout the entire song. I kept trying to discreetly "Shh!" him and ignore him but he just wouldn't stop showing his ass. "

    That is terrible. I was raised a JW, but I was taught to show respect and try to deflect as much attention from myself as possible.

    That reminds me of a JW I knew who had a good job for the US gov. Her total lack of respect/callous attitude after 9/11 ended up costing her her job. I'm sure everyone remembers after 9/11 there was a national moment of silence. You didn't have to pray, or salute anything, just sit there and be silent for a minute. This sister decided she did not want to sit at her desk and participate in the moment of silence so she put on some headphones with the WT CDs playing. Well her supervisor saw her, went up to her and snatched the headphones off her head. She (the sister) of course was full of righteous indignation. Up until this point I respected this "sister," but when she told me that story I was speechless. After that day, she was on her supervisor's lit list, and she was out. I could not understand how she thought her behavior could be pleasing to god.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I honestly think the Dubs are so isolated from society that they don't realize how oddball and outcast they really are. They know they are "different" and are SO PROUD of that, but they don't realize that they're different in a bad way, not a good way.

  • snowbird

    Something similar happened at my job, Serenity.

    We all were required to assemble for a moment of silence.

    I remember some JW's were running around wringing their hands trying to figure out what to do.

    I said, "Just sit or stand and do nothing!"


    I guess they were unprepared because they couldn't consult the Bound Volumes or CD-ROM.


  • brizzzy

    I was 16 and working at a Bobby McGee's when 9/11 happened. We had similar moments of silence, etc., and I just kept quiet. But one night the whole restaurant had a candlelight vigil, and I knew I'd be in trouble if my mom found out that I held a candle, so I just kind of hung back and hoped nobody would notice. Well, this one server I had a ginormous secret crush on DID notice, and began screaming at me, calling me anti-American scum, until I burst into tears.

    Interestingly, the only coworker to defend me was a girl of Egyptian descent. She was American-born and not even Muslim, but since 9/11 she'd been getting a lot of flak from crazy, worked-up people on the street. She also worked a second job driving a UPS truck. One day soon after 9/11, a bunch of random crazies dragged her out of her UPS truck and beat her up. It was pretty nightmarish for a while.

  • serenitynow!

    Wow brizzy that is horrible.

  • brizzzy

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised. This is in Southern California. Harrowing stuff like that isn't supposed to happen here, as much. We're supposed to be the laid-back, groovy state, right? But 9/11 really had everyone on edge.

  • A.Fenderson

    She's done this before, and I think I'm going to have to approach her about this.

    Hm, wonder if that's likely to backfire? If she took it personally, any chance she might inform the elders that you're embarassed to be known in public as JW or somesuch nonsense? I hope not, but might want to consider it--then again maybe I'm just paranoid....?

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