Bethel keeps buildings in New York with Gargoyles {demons} on every corner...but brothers can't hang a "Windchime" without an Elders meeting! Why?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Bethel bought a theatre in Queens as an assembly hall which had an Egyptian motiff decoration with god's and goddesses. A sister visiting for a Gilead graduation told brother Franz she was stumbled. President Knorr responded by saying: "they are simply decorations..." The Bossert hotel was also bought which has Gargoyles {demons} on every corner. Wikipedia states: "They were used on religious buildings to SCARE PEOPLE INTO COMING TO CHURCH AND TO REMEMBER THE END OF DAYS IS COMING..." Very apropriate!! Yet ANYTHING "Pagan" in my house would cause an Elders Meeting!

    Need I ask Why is it so? $$$$$$$$

  • Caedes

    It's only a gargoyle if it has a water spout, other wise they are called grotesques. Pedantry rules!

  • snowbird

    Chimeras and griffins also fall into that category.

    Seen any lurking around?

    Tee hee hee.


  • blondie

    No problem with wind chimes in the congregations I attended. Probably because they were rarely focused ON or concerned about demons around every corner. People here including COs went to garage sales too.

    The WTS did remove some of the stained glass in the Stanley Theater when they renovated it because it was inappropriate.

    I wouldn't like my neighbors to hang some wind chimes on their house outside my bedroom window..........

    Some jws are so quick to strain out the gnat (wind chimes) and gulp down the camel (blood fractions).

  • JWoods

    Some of these buildings used to be considered historical artifacts and the external features had to be left as they were by city law.

  • blondie

    good point, JWoods.

  • JWoods

    When I was there in the early 1970s, they had several classic brownstones - and Ed Dunlap told me that they at first tried to take them down and build a modern office-style building in their place.

    The city would not let them - the outside had to maintain the same historical look of the brownstones. Inside, they converted them into bethel-style housing, but outside they looked like individual houses.

    Ed and Betty's apartment was on the ground floor of one of these converted brownstones.

    So, I was just guessing that maybe something similar was going on with the Gargoyles and such -

  • BurnTheShips

    Windchimes are forbidden?

    Never heard that one!

    I guess JW culture varies from place to place and language to language.


  • snowbird

    Barbara Anderson was an historical researcher for WT.

    Listen to this from FreeMinds:

    Since the Brooklyn Heights district of Brooklyn where the Watchtower buildings are located is deemed an historic area, all new or renovated buildings must meet certain architectural criteria set by the local Landmarks Association. In time, an important part of my work assignment included researching local historical and architectural questions so we could meet those requirements. The restoration rules were so strict that in one instance we were obligated to duplicate the style of the original address numbers once located on the building by the front door of the Bossert Hotel. It seemed doubtful to many people this information could be found, but after considerable time spent researching at the Long Island Historical Society, I located an early picture of the front of the hotel in an old magazine advertisement. There the numbers could be seen clearly enough to be duplicated. After this discovery, recognition of my researching ability was never in question.

    Isn't that something?



    Wind Chimes are a big deal here..

    JW`s are afraid of them..Demunz!!..

    Dumb Ass`s..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

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