Is it really so that some people here became Catholic after leaving the Borg?

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  • asilentone

    yes, jeff schweb (sp?) Tom and Gloria Cabeen, James Caputo, I forgot some more names. It takes time to recall, I googled about Catholic ex JWs sometime back. I will never be a catholic!

  • gubberningbody

    That really seems insane. I mean it really does. You'd think the same laser thinking which burned the WTBS to a crisp would burn all these others as well. I can't even imagine what moral calculus could take an ex-JW and make him or her go..."Nooooo, it's not the faithful's the holy see, see?"


    StAnn is Catholic..

    Fish on Friday..No chicken or chinese food..

    The girl has gone crazy I tell you!!..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • moshe

    Once you realize that God doesn't give a rats @ss about religion, prayer, worship, etc, it means that you don't have to worry anymore about finding the one true religion. The WT religion is ruled out, because it can kill you or destroy your family. Scientology can also hurt you. Mormons will fleece your bank account. Almost all religions have some sort of downside- pick your poison, boys.


    I thought so too, [that JWs wouldn't go for catholism], but there are many that have a very catholic view.

    For the record, I'm a catholic and I have never been a JW, but my bro was baptised JW some 20 years ago or so and he always would tell me how he'd eat catholics, protestants and mormons for lunch.

    And for many years he had me stumped with his well worked out sales pitch. I was the typical catholic insomuch as I believed that the catholic church was the truth, but once he started throwing scriptures and meanings at me , well, I was not prepared to defend my faith and I certainly failed in seeking God's will. Although he got me to abandon my catholic faith for several years, I still never believed that the JWs had the truth. I dunno, but from the get go I never got a good feeling from them. It was later confirmed when my brother didn't help to tend to our grandmother before she died. Then couldn't go to the funeral. Then the same thing for 2 other grandparents. Ofcourse such choices led to heartache for our parents [and still contiunues today...damn, he's dumb].

    Later, I had a very personal gift from God that prompted me to read scripture [as well as doing many other things] and then, after some time, I could answer his questions with an amount of confidence. Later, as I started reading some of the church fathers positions I knew that they very much favored the catholic position and had written extesively about their beliefs and practices.

    Ultimately, the more well read one is on the bible, the early church and the beliefs of the church fathers, the more likely they would drop the WTS and embrace Rome...obviously imho.



  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    gubberningbody - Is it really so?

    Yes Satan? ..................................Oh sorry, you sounded like someone else. LMBO!!

    No seriously, I have thought the exact same thing. Have they found truth in the Catholic church or do they just feel it's a way to be close to God without the JW's? Especially thinking about how I feel disgusted with religion because of all their lies and atrocities, I couldn't see myself joining another religion if I left the JW's.

    Crap is aways crap. I wouldn't go from one pile to the next and hope it was better than the last. IMO


  • StAnn

    Outlaw, I do so eat chicken, just not on Fridays. And I don't eat Chinese food because it has soy in it and I'm allergic.

    On Fridays, we have grilled cheese, mac & cheese, cheese pizza, salmon patties, a salmon casserole, beans, lentils with shrimp, lots of good stuff. Ooh, and peanut butter and jelly. Friday is a good day! For lunch, I often have a big salad with grilled shrimp, yummy!

    Yes, it's true, we've lost our minds and become Catholic. Check us out if you wish:

    St. Ann

    Catholic and loving it!

  • StAnn

    TTWSYF, my husband and I have recently gone even further and joined a Tridentine Rite parish. I love it. I don't understand the resistance to it in Novus Ordo parishes. N.O. parishioners act as if they fear the Extraordinary Form. Do you know why that is?

    BTW, having grown up a JW, I really appreciate the RCC. It's a whole different world.

    St. Ann

  • StAnn

    Strongbad (CoC), to answer your question, if I didn't feel sure that I had found truth, I wouldn't be Catholic.

    It's not a quick transition, btw, because being a JW leaves a really bad taste in your mouth for organized religion and Catholicism in general.

    St. Ann

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