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  • minimus

    Gutted, Excellent synopsis!

  • Hadit

    I feel your pain Gutted. I missed my first DC this year and it was hard knowing that I was hurting my son and that these kinds of family things are over. Taking these steps are so difficult. It was courageous of you to cancel your talk and remove yourself from the school. I know we are doing the right thing but it's hard when family does not see it and opposes us.

    My thoughts are with you. Stay strong. I'm glad we have this forum to share our pains and journeys with ones who understand.


  • Soldier77

    Gutted, you just reminded me of something I need to do. I need to call the TMS overseer and tell him to take my name off the damn list.

  • Oceanblue

    I attended all three days to please my family too. I also felt depressed afterwards. And your right about people not taking notes when the generation change was explained. Everybody had this blank stare on their faces.

    Granted I do know the WTS is full of BS and is grabbing at straws right now, but I did not realize until Saturday how the WHOLE entire program this year was created to "butter" people up for the last talk and their attempt to explain the new "Generation". Every single talk, the drama, the experiences, all made sure to mention in some way that there is not a reason to ever live the organization. They know people will have a hard time leaving since they have invested so much time and most often then not, their families are invovled too. So they made sure to focuss on independent thinking which leads to "apostates". Focussing so much on "apostates" lets me know that the GB know that our message is gettting to people, even if they don't do anything right away.

    Another thing I noticed too, which I guess I knew all along, but I just realized how a lot of scriptures are ignored all together. I felt like I kept turning to the same scriptures and the ones that were used, only one or two verses were read. Whole passages were never read or even discussed, you now, like a true bible discussion. Way too much jumping around while only reading one or two verses. No wonder everybody has to rely on "Jehovah" to help them understand.

  • moshe

    Well, Gutted, I am seeing some hoped for moxie from you after all. It is amazing how the curtain of falsehood just drops away and everything pops out at you from those talks. You also notice how the JW's are like zombies of a sort and they have no ability to discern that whenever they hear the WT speaker use the word 'evidently', that it actually means they have zero evidence to back up their BS WT messages. You will finally see all the loaded language they use, like, "true lovers of Jehoobah will always---- which demonizes every JW who tries to question the tiniest bit of their flawed and deceptive teachings. Good luck on becoming a real human being.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Yes, JWs are zombies. They are taught to be that way. They are taught to be afraid of their own thoughts.

  • gubberningbody

    Let sleeping dogs lie I say...Or...Don't

    If you stop and kick every dog that barks at you, you'll never get anywhere, but you might as well if you're a JW because you may be going somewhere, but that somewhere is nowhere, and you're going to be tired and depressed anyway, but maybe if you kick at the dogs, one will bite you in the right place so that you wonder just what the hell you've been doing .

  • BANE

    So long gutted! It seems as it you have made your choice to no longer serve Jehovah. Yup...It´s a SELF SACRIFICING way of life. Everyone on this board doesn´t have it. They are ME ME ME! You study more here than you did the bible. THAT is your downfall. You came here with your guard down. These people here don´t love you. Only the organization does. You should have heeded the advice and NOT come here. You SHOULD have strengthend your faith by study of the faithful slave´s material. It is lifesaving.

    The org doesn´t have all the answers. We won´t FULLY know everything until the new system. Jehovah´s people are doing their best to search through the bible to find the closest answer possible. To have you guys mock their efforts is SO sad.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Bane, Your post is absolutely creepy and scary. Do people really think like that?

  • etna

    Bane, you really sound like a cult member.

    Gutted, I feel for you, the last assembly I went to, 3 years ago, opened my eyes. The main talk, the speaker was saying how all interested and newbies should research there own religions and ask lots of questions and if they are not answered, it was a false religion. (They shouldv'e been talking about their own religion). Then he went on to say how everyone not a witness would be destroyed, and the whole audeince just clapped and clapped, I couldn't stomach it and that was it, no more for me. Another thing, I was asking my daughter (who was brought up in the "truth") about the "new generation" and she just didn't understand or could be even bothered to get it. Hang in there Gutted, things only get better.


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