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  • gutted

    Hi all,

    I just finished all 3 days of the DC and, for what it's worth, wanted to get down some of the highlights I enjoyed. I went with family and I only did it for them, and hope to never attend another assembly ever again.

    The whole thing was pretty boring and uncomfortable due to the stadium style seating which doesn't favour my long legs and AC being blasted too high.

    The main thing I took away is the Governing Body (GB) equating itself to Jehovah, as everything was taken from that slant. Another underlying tone was not to question anything, to obey completely. No allowances were made that elders could have really made a wrong decision. If just one part was included about something like this and how to handle it with the main organization it would have made a drastic difference, but alas it is a cult. Also, and obviously, a lot of brainwashing... I mean "repetition" of those points.

    One talk on Friday entitled 'Never Become "Engraged Against Jehovah"' outlined not to blame "Jehovah" for actions of others... yet to remain obedient to Him. This is basically saying, don't be upset by the organization structure, it's members, or policies, because that is in effect blaming God. Instead blame Satan, time & unforseen occurances, and of course YOURSELF.

    I'm sure this is a major part of all conventions and assemblies but it never struck me like this before after finding out the real truth.

    The drama was ridicioulous. I hated how they injected "theocratic terms" very liberally such as "go to the meetings" "and "elders"... what a bunch of bull. I almost felt it was blasphemous what liberties they took with what supposedly went on between 66 and 70 CE and how it applies to our day.

    All in all it was boring till the last much-talked-about talk, Remain "in the Secret Place of the Most High":

    -Whether single (staying close to Jehovah while being single was focused on), pioneering, etc. trust in Jehovah because all have the privilege of preaching, if not full-time.

    -Don't be envious/jealous of others theocratic appointments, they are done not by human favouratism (my ass) but by theocratic appointment.

    -If you lose your privileges, don't be upset, reach out again.

    -Quite a bit of focus on ones being upset if a relative leaves the truth. Why are they upset? Because no more everlasting life for the relative... but death. Now what really got under my skin was an experience of a couple whose son was DFed for 9.5 years, it was very distressing to the parents. The CO urged them not to take a "break" but increase their activity. The son was eventually reinstated and called his parents out of the blue thanking them they did things "Jehovah's way" by not contacting him. THIS REALLY MADE ME WANT TO SCREAM.

    -Young ones were discouraged from higher education. There was another horrible experience to illustrate this.

    -And then the generation bullshit. Pretty much exactly how others have described it on these boards, I don't want to go into details. What was of real note is I was looking around quite a bit during this part and it seemed no one was taking notes of this important change of "2 groups". I think it just totally flew over 99% of peoples heads. Good job GB, slipped another one under everyones noses.

    After the assembly and today I have become very depressed. In a way it was sad to realize, having quite a bit of my family there, that I wouldn't be "sharing" these kinds of things with them anymore, and also the future fallout when I stop attending all meetings... perhaps shunning. I felt pity when I looked around at how easily these people, good people, are being fooled, how easily I was. I have resolved to stop going to all meetings. The mind control aspects I felt during the convention, how everything seemed so clear now, makes me believe I can't return. I am dreading the calls from elders and friends asking about me.

    Well that is my experience, if you have questions just ask.

  • daringhart13

    Wow gutted......I'm really sorry. I feel terrible for you.

    This was the first DC that I missed. My family went..... it was hard and I too have been in a depression most of the weekend.

    Its all very sad. I wish I had something encouraging to say..... but I've walked away...

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Thanks for your summary, gutted. Good luck to you. And keep posting.

  • EmptyInside

    We didn't have our convention yet here. But, I made up my mind not to go. I don't really think I will be missed.

    But, last year, after the convention, I was horribly depressed too. Actually, that is when I started posting here. I give you credit for sitting through it all. It makes me think maybe I should take in at least one day to realize I'm making the right choice to speed up my fade.

    Well, hang in there.

  • rnicole76

    i remember them saying "obey the organization's instructions and you will remain close to jehovah"i also remember them saying "don't make up an excuse to speak to your df'd relative if he/she lives outside your house. It is not your fault. They did this to themselves..." More don't talk to df'd people speech....

  • cyberjesus

    I want to go dressed as a smurf!

  • Soldier77

    Sorry you are down. If that was you're enjoyable moments, I'd hate to hear your bad ones. Hang in there!

  • gutted

    Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words.

    I just cancelled an upcoming talk and took myself off the TMS. It's crazy the guilt I felt, even though I knew I shouldn't.

    The elder said "ok well we can talk about this later, give you some encouragement" and I went "sure sure" when I wanted to say "no, if I want to talk to you I will choose to"... I'm too 'nice' . Well I won't talk to him anyway.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Hang in there, gutted. I can't imagine what you are going through, as my significant other and I more or less 'woke up' at about the same time, and have so far been able to successfully fade, although our extended family is still in pretty deep as far as we are aware.

    But it gets easier and easier. This will be the third summer that we have not gone to the assembly at all and we can't even fathom how we ever forced ourselves to sit through the mind-numbing talks and symposiums, blech! I remember being herded, like cattle, up and down the stadium elevators, sitting in arenas with no air-conditioning in 90+ degree heat or alternatively, like you mention, in frigid conditions with the air cranked too high! What kind of organization puts its most loyal members through three days of HELL like that and expects them to enjoy it??? Expects them to pack their own lunches, constantly admonishes them about every aspect of their attendance, when to sit, when to pee, when to sing, when to donate and how, who to make the cheques out to, how to park, etc. etc.

    You've taken a brave step by cancelling your talk and taking yourself off the TMS. At first, it felt bad missing the Thurs. night meeting; eventually our Thursday nights were all booked doing more interesting and upbuilding and entertaining and engaging things than sitting in mind-numbingly boring Tupperware-style sales meetings. Eventually, you will get yourself out of the KH for good! Now's the time to work on providing a safety net OUT OF THE ORG. There are better days ahead for sure! The guilt will be GONE; that's all this religion is about anyways, really. Glad to hear of your progress!

  • sherah

    Gutted, you took one for team! I know how you feel, listening to that garbage when you know 'the truth about the truth' is downright depressing. It will get better. Be true to yourself.

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