Were you suprised at how little the "world" knows about JW's

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  • donny

    Case in point, I asked the person who has worked in the office with me for two years what he knew about the Witnesses. He said "a lot I think." I then asked him "What is the Governing Body?" He looks up for a bit and then says "It's a contraption that controls how fast an engine can go."

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    A couple that we have become good friends with since leaving googled JWs. They were quite surprised at how weird the religion really is. They knew the deal with the D2D and magazines but that's about it. They had so many questions and were curious about our personal experiences within the borg. One night while out to dinner they were like "Ok you guys might not realize this, but you were in a cult and you escaped." They think we're so cool! LOL

    I actually was more surprised at how little the "world" cares about JWs. Witnesses are legends in their own minds!

    Cult Classic

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    It was surprising considering how extensively they claim the preaching work is being done. And yet people know nothing about them except on the most superficial level.

  • dgp

    Cult, I would qualify your final statement. I am sure that those of us who lost a friend, relative or loved one to the Scam, or those of us who can't approach someone because of the Scam, we do care about you, and very, very much.

    I thought I should say this for the lurker out there who shunned his worldly relatives or friends, or whatever. The witness who loves someone but lets him or her go because of the Scam. Et cetera. It is true that some of us were not and are not exactly kind to you, but there are many others who do love you. And it's not Satan that moves us.

  • IronHill

    This was something that shocked me also...when I talk about my past with anyone I mentioned timidly, "well I was raised, as, um, er, well you know, a Jehovah's Witness." I wait for the shock, for the scorned words, the laughter perhaps...but most of the time people are like, "the who?"

    I have come to the realization that the Witnesses make a global impact in their own minds.

  • Soldier77

    It's like the Watchtower being the most read magazine in the world post... Most read? Not likely, most distributed or printed? Maybe. But the proof is in the pudding. What really do people know about JW's?

    The WBTS should print a book called 'What do the Jehovah's Winesses Really Teach?' 192 page book on how they shun, harbor pedophiles, not accept blood transfusions but accept blood fractioned transfusions (what?), do not celebrate anything (accept Memorial, anniversaries, uh..), no higher education, slave labor at HQ, hypocritical teachings and love bombing (aka mind control indoctrination).


    oh wait, they already did print that book, it's called Keep Yourselves in God's Love.

  • WTWizard

    I am not surprised that the world knows little about the witlesses--the littera-trash the witlesses leave to people outside doesn't tell the whole truth. You need to join in order to find out the whole truth about the situation, and even then only the hounders have access to certain information about the religion. They get just enough, even if the witlesses are doing their job, so they are threatened with imminent death unless they join and with living forever if they do.

    Of course, that doesn't stop the witlesses from showing up at your door on Christmas morning.

  • jwfacts

    I was very surprised. In Australia 1 in 300 people is a JW, so virtually everyone would have worked with, schooled with or been witnessed to by a JW. Yet most people I speak to know nothing about them at all. They get confused with whether they are Mormons/SDA/JWs. If I tell someone I was a JW they must register that I went door-knocking because often next time religion is raised they say something like "weren't you one of those Mormons?" or "did you wear those special underpants?"

    Regarding doctrine no one I have spoken to have any idea JWs believe in a paradise earth, so the "good news of the Kingdom" message is definitely not being conveyed at all. Of those that do know anything about JW's, the most likely comment is that they don't have blood transfusions, hardly the main message of Jesus, or a concept that is likely to attract many converts.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    dgp - I hear you and appreciate your kind words. Of course those who are close to the situation have a personal interest in the JWs. We can only hope for our loved ones to escape intact.

  • wiser

    They boast that JW's are the fasting growing religion, yet I knew nothing about them.

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