Were you suprised at how little the "world" knows about JW's

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  • donny

    I was a Jehovah's Witness for 10 long years and during that time I developed the opinion that most of the world knew what we believed, but chose to ignore it and go about doing their own thing. Then in the almost 18 years I have been out, I have come to understand that the outside world knows very little about JW's. Other than they don't take blood transfusions and do not celebrate holidays, most people have no idea what we believe and only think of them as another offbeat religion among many.

    Did anyone else think that the JW religion was more known than it actually is?

    P.S. A friend who is an ex-Seventh Day Adventist was under the same delusion.


  • cantleave

    One of the first posts i read on here basically said that the witnesses are an insignificany cult that no one else cares about, and yes I shocked. but I have come to the relalisation that it is true, even the non-jws at at work know nothing, and the company is made up of about 50% jws's.

    When i was in I thought everyone knew who we were and had made a deliberate stand against us. That was just another lie promoted by the WTS.

  • Mythbuster

    I'm not a JW. All I knew was no christmas. Didn't even know it was all the other holidays too.

  • zoiks

    Yeah, that was a shock. I too was under some false impression that people truly were taking some sort of a stand against Jehovah, since they were not listening to the "good news".

    Then the realization: they have no idea what the "good news" is, because we were doing such a horrible job of promoting it. Advertise, advertise, advertise...my ass.

  • designs

    The Public was more aware of us as JWs during the Vietnam War and earlier wars like WWII. And the ever controversial Blood issue, letting children die will guarantee you front page coverage.

    But what does a JW really do other than knock on doors, no social contact and no social good that really makes a difference, they will fade into the annuals history with a footnote.

  • asilentone

    It is painfully obvious that the "world" does not really understand JWs and why they do things and things that they do not do , etc.....

  • Hopscotch

    donny I too was surprised how little people I now talk to know about JWs. After being one for over 40 years since young childhood I assumed that most people knew quite a bit about JWs.

    But in the last couple of years since fading I have had the opportunity to talk to quite a few people about JWs and apart from knowing that JWs go door to door and the no blood transfusion thing most were shocked to find out the rest, such as the no holiday celebration (a couple knew about xmas but not the rest of the holidays), no voting, no to higher education etc. And all were disgusted to hear about the shunning policy, even of family members such as myself who are not df'd or da'd.


  • flipper

    My wife Mrs. Flipper( who was never a witness ) said the only thing she knew before we met was they went door to door and handed out creepy looking magazines. She knew nothing about their strange beliefs like no blood transfusions, faulty child abuse policies, no holidays, etc, etc. The Jehovah's Witness cult is important to the WT society- but not the world in general. Myself being out for 7 years - I wasn't too surprised as I always kind of thought that the GB tooted their own horn loudly and were too big for their britches. Important in their OWN eyes- but not to the world in the big picture

  • daringhart13

    I'm consistently surprised how little JW's know about JW's....

    99% couldn't tell you anything about the Bible

    99% couldn't tell you anything about the history of their faith

    Its shocking, appalling and generally pisses me off


    Nobody cares about Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    People think more about..

    Brushing their teeth or cleaning the cats litter box,than Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    If every Jehovah`s Witness disappeared tomorrow..No one would notice..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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