Why are anniversaries okay?

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  • MrFreeze

    I'm sure this topic has been brought up before. I was at a JW graduation party yesterday and realized "If birthday parties are not okay because they supposedly bring undue attention to an individual, why are graduation parties and wedding anniversaries okay?" They both glorify individuals and put them on a pedestal. So WT lurkers, why are those celebrations okay?

    Also at this JW graduation, it was a surprise party and they lied to the JW about the purpose of the party. What happened to the whole "white lies are still lies" thing?

  • isaacaustin

    The real reason (the real sinister reason)?

    Banning birthdays separates children from nonJW kids...it makes them different and keeps them that way B-days conitnue thruout life, at the workplace...etc. It keeps members from fitting in with outsiders.

    Wedding anniversaries are not applicable to children, and as far as adults are not a workplace event but simply between the couple and perhaps friends- who would presumably be JWs.

  • sherah

    Because the GB says so that's why! I think Isaac A makes good points about the arbitrary prohibition, more about control than it is about pagan origins.

  • Lozhasleft

    As well as that ISAAC I believe they remove all the 'tradiitions' that bond a family so strongly so that its easier if they need to break up the family.

    When I asked about anniversaries I was told that a person's priority relationship is with Jehovah but the one he honours the most next to that is 'marriage' so anniversaries are allowed....cant believe now that I accepted all that...

    Loz x

  • EndofMysteries

    Wedding cakes, wedding dress, wedding ring, all pagan too. That got me, that fact they KNOW some of those thigns are pagan, yet allowed but others are not.

  • MrFreeze

    I do remember that WT article endofmysteries. I believe it was a question from readers. It's got pagan origins but of course the WT says "it's a personal choice". Yeah... uhhh.... okay. Whatever you say. Think about all the b-day parties I missed out on?

    At work a few weeks ago, it was the first time I ever joined in the happy birthday song.

  • blondie

    The WTS does put restrictions on how anniversaries SHOULD be observed. I can remember a couple that celebrated their 25th anniversary before the days when LARGE events were frowned on. They had over 300 people there. Twenty-five years later for their 50th, although the size restrictions were in place, they still had a large event (200 people). BTW, the WTS has never defined how to determine how many people would constitute a LARGE event.

    *** w98 10/15 p. 30 Questions From Readers ***It thus would not be strange that a couple might on their wedding anniversary take time to reflect on the joyfulness of that event and on their resolve to work for success as a couple. Whether they focus on this happy occasion in private, just as a couple, or they have a few relatives or close friends with them would be for them to decide. The occasion should not become a mere excuse for a large social gathering. On this occasion Christians would want to be guided by the principles that apply every day of their lives. So whether one takes note of a wedding anniversary or not is a personal matter.

    *** w71 12/1 pp. 735-736 Questions From Readers ***Other couples may find pleasure in sharing the happiness of their anniversary with a few Christian friends and relatives, including their children. If this is done, there are certain balancing cautions that ought to be kept in mind.

    With any social gathering or celebration, care has to be exercised that things do not get out of hand. Even a modest celebration can become uncontrolled or can lead to improper conduct, as appears to have occurred sometimes among the Jews in the first century. (John 2:10) That unquestionably would be wrong for Christians. (1 Pet. 4:3, 4) Nor would it be fitting for celebrants to give humans excessive honor, as if the couple whose anniversary it is ought to be venerated. The Bible clearly shows that veneration should go to the Creator, not to any created thing on earth, whether animal or human. (Rom. 1:24, 25) If a couple have had a successful marriage, that is fine. Others can rightly be happy for them. But should not this also stimulate thankful praise to the Author of marriage? He should be kept in mind and all that is done should bring honor to Him.

    In making the above comments we are not recommending to couples who do not have this custom that they now begin to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Actually, we are neither encouraging nor discouraging wedding anniversaries

  • wasblind

    " The occasion should not become a mere excuse for a large social gathering. "

    And when retiring for the evening, remember, missionary style only.

  • steve2

    Good question. Almost every single argument "against" celebrating birthdays applies equally against celebrating anniversaries. It's another blatant example of doctrinal inconsistency.

    Little wonder JWs tend to go overboard when celebrating wedding anniversaries - they have so few sanctioned opportunities to do so.

  • Lozhasleft

    Why on earth did we allow them to dictate even our social relaxing time???? How could we have been so stupid and blind???

    Loz x

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