New Book: Jehovah is Jesus! Not Michael.

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  • EndofMysteries

    I am not posting my research yet, it's been now about a year, and FINALLY getting the answers and understanding.

    I'm also not fully sure, after more reading, if those who get the deep understanding, may be very limited in what they can say. One of the issues at stake here is idolatry. PEOPLE can be make into idols as well, this includes prophets, etc. What's the difference between an idol and the GB? lol actually I'm sure some can make some good jokes on that one.

  • PSacramento

    There is only One God, that is made clear in the OT and NT and God is a title not a name, but it's not like saying "human", because human can be plural -humans, whiel God can't be plural since there is only one God.

    The passage that says we can be like gods doesn't say we can be like GOD, gods being used to describe qualities we can have not our nature.

    It's important to understand that because the "begotten" part of jesus identity makes Jesus God.

    A human begets another human, not the same huma of course, but another human in nature, in spirit and even in soul, a distinct person yes, but human always.

    When we create soemthing like a picture or a work of art, that thing is NOT human, it is what it is -picture or work of art.

    Adam beget Caine and Able, he did not create them, they were human liek Adam, but distinct persons.

    God begot Jesus and ONLY Jesus and through Jesus all else was CREATED, Jesus is God, for he can be no other thing, but what was created through Jesus is NOT god or "Jesus" because it/they were created and not begotten.

    Now, this doesn't mean that Jesus is NOT YHWH, but it does mean that Jesus is God in nature ( all that God is, Jesus is) but that can't make him "a" god, because God is not plural, there are no Gods, God is ONE.

    Angels ars sons of God ( of Jesus really since it was through Jesus they were created) but they are NOT by Nature God because they were created and not begotten.

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