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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I like the one made in the 50's.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yep, it was the Donald Sutherland version I watched. I haven't seen the latest remake but I heard it wasn't too good.

  • AnnOMaly

    The '50's version would be my second choice. It's been a while since I've seen it though.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    If the Watchtower Society held a convention next year and spent each day reversing every one of their current teachings and practices, I bet that they would still only lose about 25-30% of their flock, but might gain back even more, just like what happened after the 1975 debacle.

    Thursday night's talks: "Reorganizing Jehovah's People"- The president of the WT Society will now take complete control in the manner of Russell and Rutherford. He will approve all published materials and convention speeches. The governing body will once again just be a board of directors and department heads. Kingdom Halls will be led and managed by a Congregation Overseer - who will have full management authority at the local level. Each KH will have a board of directors who will make financial decisions and local overseer appointments. The president of the WT Society and all local CO's must have, at the minimum, a 4-year college or university degree, and at least 30 college level credits in Biblical history, languages, and archaeology. The WT will provide scholarships for younger JWs who want to progress to leadership positions.

    Friday night's talks: "Showing Love and Understanding Among All People" - Following Jesus' example, the WT will now encourage an "open arms policy" toward all current, former, disassociated and disfellowshipped brothers and sisters. We will be opening our doors and meetings to all who wish to come and join us in the worship of Jehovah and engage in meaningful Bible studies. All brothers, including local overseers and those at the highest levels of the Society, will try to be non-judgmental, realizing that only Jehovah can look into an individual's heart and mind - and that only Jehovah will be the ultimate judge of someones right to everlasting life. We will also be announcing the establishment of a worldwide charitable and assistance branch that will use local Kingdom Halls and rented facilities to distribute food, medicine and other supplies to not only the brothers and sisters, but to all who need assistance within our communities. Each Kingdom Hall will also have an emergency fund that can be used to assist members and their families who have lost their jobs, suffered losses due to natural causes, or are ill and in need of additional funds for medicines and hospitalization. Each KH will also appoint a group made up equally of mature brothers and sisters to go and visit the ill and elderly among us and report their needs back to the CO for additional followup. At the end of at least one meeting per week, the congregation will pray for those brothers and sisters in the congregation who are ill or are otherwise suffering. Our attitude will be one of forgiveness and hospitality - except for rapists, molesters, and repeat felons.

    Saturday and Sunday will be reviewed in a later post.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Oh, you mean a real Christian church?

  • wasblind

    JW's are taught not to use independant thinking, so when something as odd as the new light on the Generation is thrust upon them

    any doubts they may have is automatically shut down, because to think differently from the organization. is using independant thinking

    and that's a no no.

    we are robots, we are robots, we are robots. We can switch our emotions off for family and friends who no longer believe.

    because we are robots ,we are robots, we are robots.

  • Mr Moody
    Mr Moody

    I put a general posting about bizzare new idea of a generation on my Facebook page, where many of my Witness relatives will be able to see it...I wait with interest whether any respond to it....though my wifes uncle is certainly puzzled by this new light.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Quoting myself...

    If the Watchtower Society held a convention next year and spent each day reversing every one of their current teachings and practices, I bet that they would still only lose about 25-30% of their flock, but might gain back even more, just like what happened after the 1975 debacle.

    Saturday night's talks: "Spreading the message of Jehovah's Kingdom and Christ's Kingship" - Spreading the good word of Jehovah's promise of a "new system of things" to come will continue to be our main objective. Instead of demonizing the Internet, as we have in the past, we will take the position that it is a wonderful new tool that Jehovah has provided to help us spread His message. Instead of printing millions of copies of magazines and books that are never read (not to mention expensive to us in terms of printing, paper, and postage), we will now publish a single magazine each month that will contain entertaining and informative articles (similar to the Awake! magazine) that discuss current events and recent scientific discoveries. The magazine will also include two study articles that cover particular Bible teachings or Christian guidelines to refresh the brothers on our current understanding of Bible teachings. They will be written in a way that non-Witness readers will also enjoy and learn from them. Each magazine will also include an editorial article by the President or a member of the Board of Directors that covers some important subject. Each magazine will also include well-researched answers to Questions from Readers (both JWs and non-JW readers). Because our main objective is to spread the word, full PDF copies of all of our current magazines and books will be available to download at no charge through our website, including foreign language versions. The WT society will also make available online YouTube style videos of recent convention talks and specially arranged discussions. These may be shared with anyone interested in learning more about the Society and Jehovah's Witnesses. The WT will also provide a monthly free telephone call-in program with a moderator and a special guest speaker. One hour at the end of the call will be open for questions from the listeners. MP3 versions of these call-in programs will be made available on the WT website. One major change will be the publishing of books. We will now use POD (print on demand) technology and will offer our current publications online through Amazon.com and other websites. This will allow us to provide easy, low-cost delivery to anyone who wishes to purchase one of our books. Their low cost will cover our printing costs and shipping, but will also provide some additional funds to finance our charitable activities and missionary work. Old, out of date books, will simply go out of publication or can be updated as needed at very, low cost.

    Sunday night's talks: "Encouraging Thorough Personal Bible Study and Prayer to Discover Jehovah's Purpose for Us" -The convention will wrap up with another series of talks outlining the WT Society's return to the foundation and purpose of our organization. In the late 1800's, Charles T. Russell led a group known simply as "Bible Students" and later as the IBSA, the "International Bible Students Association." He encouraged group and personal study of the Bible among the brothers. While all were going in the same direction, led principally by Brother Russell, they still enjoyed the comeraderie, the debate, and the exploration of ideas and perceptions that came out of those studies. Unfortunately, during Joseph Rutherford's time, this love of Bible study was replaced with structured talks and group studies of the Society's books. Although we do not stand in judgment of Brother Rutherford (we leave that to Jehovah), we feel his authoritarian approach in leading the brothers took them away from the benefits of Bible study and open discussion. While the WT will still provide leadership through its monthly magazine and books, we encourage a return to personal Bible study, hoping that reading the Bible a little each day, and from cover to cover at least once every two years, will help our brothers and sisters to a broader personal understanding of God's Holy Word. Some might ask, what if there is debate or serious disagreement during these studies? Rather than divide the group, we would hope that questions that are so seriously divisive would be written down and forwarded to the Society's help desk for possible resolution. Who knows? Perhaps some small study group in a remote city will stumble across some new and more satisfactory answer to a Bible question - or even uncover some new Bible truth!

    Sunday wrapup: "New Guidelines for the Brothers" -

    Here are a list of the new guidelines for all true Witnesses of Jehovah based on our understanding of Jehovah's Holy Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ:

    1. Each member of the Christian Witnesses of Jehovah will be eventually judged by Jehovah as to faithfulness and worthiness. Each brother and sister must make their own decisions and live within the bounds of their own conscience. Disagree if you must, but don't be divisive. Strive for perfection, but don't judge others who can not live up to your standards. Serve Jehovah and Jesus Christ - not an earthly organization. The Watchtower won't save you on Judgement Day - you will be judged only on your own actions and how you treated your brothers.

    2. Baptism is open to all, but discouraged for children under 15. It is a serious commitment to serve Jehovah and to accept Jesus' sacrifice. Jehovah will be the only judge as to whether your baptism was sincere and freely given.

    3. The Memorial emblems will be available to all adult baptized Jehovah's Witnesses. Christ ordered us to remember his sacrifice and we do that by memorializing the Last Supper. He did not say, only YOU who are going to Heaven should partake, but ordered all of his followers to partake in rememberance of Him and His sacrifice. As to who is Anointed, and who is not, is unimportant to us, as that is a judgement that only Jehovah will make about each of us.

    4. Personal decisions as to when to marry, what sexual practices are acceptable for married couples, whether to go to college or university, what type of occupation one should hold, or what a person reads or watches on TV or the Internet are left to each brother and sister to make for themselves. Everything we do should be ultimately upbuilding and result in a better, more loving and fruitful lifestyle. Remember that each brother and sister will have to answer to Jehovah for their own decisions. No one else will stand before Jehovah on Judgment Day to answer for them.

    5. As to whether to associate, or not, with a former brother or sister, is also left up to each individual. Especially when it comes to family members, our "open arms policy" should be observed. Again, this is a personal choice. If you feel that associating with a former JW would not be constructive or beneficial, then you may decide to avoid contact with that person. Likewise with non-Witnesses - associate with anyone you choose who is open minded, positive, and has a helpful and loving personality - if you wish. Avoid those, including JW brothers and sisters, who you feel are negative and unclean influences upon you. Your choices should not be totally dependent on whether those persons claim to believe or don't choose to believe in our basic teachings.

    So go forth with happiness and love. Great burdens have been lifted from your shoulders. Many great tools have been added to help us spread the Good News of Jehovah's New System of Things. Open your minds! Open your hearts! Open your arms!

    Let us pray...

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    Most Dubs don't think too deeply, this generation change...they may not understand or even like it, but what the heck, it's "New Light" and that proves they have the truth, at least in their minds.

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