Parents who can't see the truth about their kids

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  • Snoozy

    And then again some children just have certain tendancies they are born with...

    I also feel parents aren't consistant and that causes a lot of problems with the child.

    Or one parent is overly permissive because the other parent is so strict and they feel they have to overcompensate to the child.

    Children get a lot of mixed messages and decide they will just do as they please.

    When adults are confronted with their childs conduct they come back with "We pick our fights", it is a copout to be lazy.

    Many times also a parent takes a negative comment about their child as an insult to their child raising abilities..they take it personally. By admitting their child may have done something wrong..(god forbid) they act like it is the other persons/childs fault.

    Trouble is as a parent we only get one chance, there are no do overs..

    But of course now I, as a more mature person, would do a "Perfect" job of raising a child...

  • Snoozy

    Just thinking how funny the pop up ads are here, a post about kids and a commercial about breast pumps pops up...

  • tec

    I'm glad you're not giving up on him - and I know it must be exhausting!!! Because you won't be able to undo all the damage done, especially not in a few days. But hopefully, as he grows, you'll be a consistent force in his life that shows him another way of doing things. That, I think, is the best that you can do for him. You just have to get your strength up and your perseverance before you pick him up and take him out. Encourage and reward the good behavior - even if its just some added attention (which is probably the best anyway).

    How you deal with him will change as he gets older and able to reason. Same with how much you can explain about why something he is doing to hurt another child is wrong.

    I'm not sure what you can say to the grandparents about him, though, that won't put them on the defensive - since they don't believe anything is wrong. Studies and such on why children act as bullies? Those would probably be out of the question though, right?

    (When I have new insights -compliments of my ongoing experiences - I will share them with you)


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