How to explain blood fractions are still blood to someone who doesn't agree...

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  • wobble

    Re-reading the QFR from the 10/15/2000 WT I realised how deceptively muddled their reasoning was.

    First they say we are no longer under the (Mosaic) Law, then they quote the phrase "abstain from blood" with no scriptural ref, and of course no ref to the context of this phrase, and then they say that not pouring out the blood is against god's law, (the law we are not under) ?????.

    This ignorant and lethal doctrine should be attacked in every way, and on every occasion, possible.

  • smiddy

    It has been stated to me by individual witnesses that "I wouldnt have blood fractions"but they miss the point".the fds says it`s up to you to decide whether you accept it or not.(conscience decision) As already been pointed out fractions are derived from donated blood that has been stored,then processed in a laboratory into it`s various fractions.And who donates this blood? Catholics,protestants,atheists,and whoever else wants to.It`s a very hypocritical/double standard/contradictory policy they have entangled themselves with.


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