How to explain blood fractions are still blood to someone who doesn't agree...

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  • blondie

    jws are told that blood must be poured out. Yet many so-called no-blood products are made with expired stored blood. Also red blood cells are considered components not fractions and components are not allowed.

    *** w04 6/15 pp. 29-30 Questions From Readers ***Today, most transfusions are not of whole blood but of one of its primary components: (1) red cells; (2) white cells; (3) platelets; (4) plasma (serum), the fluid part. Depending on the condition of the patient, physicians might prescribe red cells, white cells, platelets, or plasma. Transfusing these major components allows a single unit of blood to be divided among more patients. Jehovah’s Witnesses hold that accepting whole blood or any of those four primary components violates God’s law.

    Re Polyheme, a hemoglobin-based product:

    First, hemoglobin is extracted from red blood cells and filtered to remove impurities.

    Deut. 12:16 and 15:23; Lev. 17:13

    *** w00 10/15 pp. 30-31 Questions From Readers ***Occasionally, a doctor will urge a patient to deposit his own blood weeks before surgery (preoperative autologous blood donation, or PAD) so that if the need arises, he could transfuse the patient with his own stored blood. However, such collecting, storing, and transfusing of blood directly contradicts what is said in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Blood is not to be stored; it is to be poured out—returned to God, as it were. Granted, the Mosaic Law is not in force now. Nevertheless, Jehovah’s Witnesses respect the principles God included in it, and they are determined to ‘abstain from blood.’ Hence, we do not donate blood, nor do we store for transfusion our blood that should be ‘poured out.’ That practice conflicts with God’s law.


    Here the WTS says hemoglobin is allowed (but remember that it is made from red blood cells which have not been poured out).

    A protein that transports

    oxygen throughout the body

    and carbon dioxide to the ………… I accept

    lungs. Products being hemoglobin

    developed from human or or

    animal hemoglobin could be ………… I refuse

    used to treat patients with hemoglobin

    acute anemia or massive

    blood loss



    *** w78 6/15 p. 30 Questions From Readers ***So, if medical personnel suggest that a Christian permit some of his blood to be withdrawn and deposited in a blood bank for later transfusion purposes, the Christian is not without guidance from the Bible as to the proper course. He can mention that ancient Israelites were told that removed blood was to be ‘poured out on the ground as water,’ to show that it was for God and not to sustain the life of some earthly creature. (Deut. 12:24) And he can refer to the pointed command that Christians ‘abstain from blood.’ In view of this, how could he allow his blood to be collected in a blood bank for later transfusion into himself or another person?







  • booby

    This isn't right on topic but I can't wait for them to figure out how to blame it on "some" like in 1975 when they said that some had taken the whole thing to far. So when they can figure out how to say that "some" took the blood thing to far they can finally just drop it. When you look at how they have changed their stance on the blood issue it is easy to see they would just make it a conscience thing if they could figure out how to do it and still save face. Not sure if it can be done even by these wizards of word play.

  • wobble

    Dear Booby,

    I sure do hope they find away to do it, in the mean time people, often children, are dying because the Legal Dept. are afraid of litigation, then they might have to part with some $ donated by the same people they are prepared to kill for a doctrine that has been shown to be in error totally.

    Bunch of cold-hearted money grubbing murderers.

  • AudeSapere
    Does anyone have a good analogy or something I could use to help explain to my husband that blood fractions are still blood? He feels that it gets to a point where it's not blood anymore.

    Sorry I cannot remember your situation. If your husband is a JW, this argument may backfire on you. I know MANY JWs who realize the tightrope that they walk when using current JW reasoning on blood and choose, instead, to fall back on the older stance to abstain completely.


  • NiceDream

    Wow! Thank you so much for all the excellent illustrations. I will have to remember them for a future discussion.

    My husband is a JW, but recently told me he has doubts too. So then I told him about the blood issue that bothered me, and how I couldn't let our son die based on one scripture. He kinda freaked out and couldn't talk about it anymore. He said he either believes the Bible is right, or it's wrong. And if the JWs don't have the truth, then there is no truth.

    I remember reading on here about blood, and how in 1 Samuel or something the men had to eat improperly bled meat to live, and it was ok. So I could show him that scripture if he's on the "no blood at all" side.

  • NiceDream

    Thank you Blondie, I always wondered why it was ok to used blood fractions which are made from stored blood, when blood is supposed to be poured out.

  • PSacramento

    Tha fact they are called BLOOD fractions makes this kind of a no-brainer, that is for everyone but JW's.

  • changeling

    I've posted this one before and even mentioned it to a local elder who just stood before me with his mouth open:

    Say I bake a pecan pie for a dinner party. I put it on the counter to cool. I have to run to the store and on the way out I tell my husband: "Don't eat the pecan pie!!!"

    When I come home I find a slice missing from the pie. I confront my husband who says: "But, honey, I picked out all the pecans, left the crust and only ate the gooey filling. And it was only one slice, I did not eat the pie!"

    Is hubby off the hook? Did he abstain from the pie since he only cut one slice and ate only the gooey stuff?

  • blondie

    NiceDream, the Watchtower Society is really the WESAYSO Corporation. No scripture is necessary but if there is one, their opinion overrules.

  • Soldier77

    What an apt illustration changeling!

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