I know no one wants to die, but is it possible that wanting to live forever when nothing does is a bit greedy?

by gubberningbody 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • gubberningbody

    ...not to mention unreasonable?

    I remember telling my mom when I was about 7 that I didn't want to die (it seemed to me that time was speeding down the track and I was fast headed for the grave) and she said..."Don't worry, that won't happen for a long time."

    Her response was honest, but I found that honesty unnerving.

    I felt as if she'd just said to me--- "Yes dear son, you are sitting on a powder keg, and yes the fuse is lit, but enjoy your ice cream cone. Trust me, you have a long fuse."

    "Not exactly enjoying my ice cream, mom. How do you know how long my fuse is, and lets figure a way to put that damn fuse out!"

  • tec

    I don't think its greedy. Greedy would be wanting to live forever at the expense of someone or something else.


  • jaguarbass

    Wanting to live forever is the same thing as not wanting to die today.

    Most things that are healthy and sane dont want to die today.

  • MrFreeze

    Why would you want to die? It's called NORMAL. I like having money in my pocket, does that make me greedy?

  • exwhyzee

    The idea of wanting to live forever in a paradise was planted in my head. I would have never come up with that notion on my own. A lot of children are taught about reincarnation, living in heaven with the baby Jesus etc. If I had from infancy on come to the realization little by little, that, yes, life does have an end and that is normal, I wouldn't have been so deeply dissapointed at the realization that everlasting life on a paradise may very well be a hoax. There is no proof that anyone ever was meant to live forever or has been raised up from the dead. However there is plenty of proof to the contrary. To come to this realization all at once as an adult was very frightening but I have come to terms with it.

    Children are taught to believe in Santa Claus but it doesn't mean he must exist in order for them to be happy. Plenty of the world's children got through their childhoods not even knowing who Santa Claus is. Most people in the world don't expect to live forever.

  • gubberningbody

    Well, Tammy, don't we all live at the expense of some other life form?

  • tec

    I don't know. Do we?

  • Snotrag

    The prospect of living forever on the earth ls what sucked me in. Even now that I know of the lies by the WTS I still want to live forever on the earth. I don't think that desire contains any greed at all. I was not asked before I was here whether or not I wanted to be here but here I am. No one should have the right to take that away.

  • wantstoleave

    Having grown up thinking I'd live forever, it's kind of sad to lose that with a decision to stop being a witness. But reality shows me that people are born and they die. People who've never listened to the witnesses don't have that hope, so they don't have that feeling of loss like some of us do. They just accept that this is their life to enjoy and go about enjoying it.

    BUT, other religions believe in heaven as the afterlife, or reincarnation. It seems it's human nature to want to live forever, not anything remotely greedy. I don't think anyone wants to die, we merely accept it as happening.

    I feel sad for all the years I wasted believing that the end was near and not making future plans because I'd been told 'armageddon is just around the corner' or 'don't go on that holiday, the great tribulation might break out when you're away'. I'm tired of living in fear. I want to wake up everyday thinking 'this is a beautiful day!' and not having to think 'gee armageddon might come tomorrow'.

  • tec

    I wasn't being snarky, btw :) Just not sure I fully understand what you mean. Or how living forever would be different than living at all, then.


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