The new Kingdumb maladies

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  • WTWizard

    I wonder if anyone actually enjoys them. I have heard scattered reports about how a few actually enjoyed at least a few of the older songs (back when there were 225 of them). But I have heard nothing but reports of the new songs being impossible to properly sing, very poorly written or performed, or downright blasphemous and promoting blatant idolatry. On the plus side, they are shorter (from what I heard), and would probably fit onto one standard mini disc at 4X compression (though it would be a waste of a mini disc).

    Also, does anyone actually listen to this sxxx? I remember the old Kingdumb maladies, sometimes they would listen to them while out in field circus--and some even listened to nothing else. I wonder if this is still true--those still in might know how often they hear the new Kingdumb maladies while they are out in field circus.

  • cantleave

    I can't imagine anyone listening to the new melodies for pleasure they are appalling.

    Give me Satan's music over Jehovah's anyday. This Jehovah construct has no musical ability.

  • processor

    At least the new German lyrics sound like children's songs.

  • Soldier77

    I've done a bit of travelling this year, been to friends congregations and if not, talked about it with them. Non one, I mean NO ONE likes the new songs. Every congo I went to sounds like dying cats. Most of the time the speaker or chairman after the song before prayer or introduing the speaker will make a comment about how bad or how we need to work on the songs.

    The songs are absolute shit. Last week we started a song the was an old one but redone, before I thought they kept at least one song untouched, then came the chorus and totally changed the old song. It's crap. Not that I really care anymore, but whoever is in the writing department for the songs lack any skill or musical aptitude.

  • XPeterX

    Disharmonic,lacking rhythm,melody,and sync.

  • AnnOMaly

    They've made the same kind of mistake people in marketing have sometimes done - taken old favorites, winners, and re-branded them - changed the name, the recipe, the packaging - and ruined the product.

  • Lieu

    Thel music has no "religious" feel to it, so I'm not certain why they keep using such boring and uninspiring emotionless tunes which due nothing but prepare one for boring uninspiring emotionless lectures.

  • foolsparadise

    My friend went to memorial and said the songs are truly WEIRD. He said it was like a bunch of robots doing some strange cult chant. LMAO!!

  • crapola

    Honestly, I have'nt heard them. But my mom likes them, but she's old and can't hear very well. So maybe that's why she says they are pretty!

  • EmptyInside

    They are awful. And most in the congregations agree. They slowed a lot of the songs down. And it makes it much harder to sing.

    I think the ones who claim to like the new songs, are just saying that, because they feel it's expected to be positive.

    My brother is an elder and even he makes fun of the new songs, along with everyone in his congregation. Plus, on a side note, he doesn't get the latest generation explanation. But, he "knows it's the truth". I think if he says it often enough, he'll really start to believe it.

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