The new Kingdumb maladies

by WTWizard 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • MrFreeze

    They truly are terrible. They were SUPPOSED to be easier to sing. There's no good melodies or rhythm. Now if you don't mind I'm going to listen to some REAL music.

  • WTWizard

    Well, perhaps if you are mostly deaf, you might like them.

  • Heartofaboy

    c'mon folks it's the BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD.

    The GB believe it & so must YOU!!!

  • elderelite

    gotta say that may have been the start of my slide...I HATE the new song book. I dont like remixes as a rule with worldly songs, so this burned me up. To take perfectly good songs and ruin them is just plain stupid. I had high hopes when i first heard about it but the more I saw the less i liked. It hasnt gotten any better.

  • wobble

    "to take perfectly good songs.... "

    The old songs were on the whole shit as well, most were un-singable.

    If the new ones are worse, they must be God-awful, I have been out so long that mercifully I have not heard any of them, and hope never to.

  • WTWizard

    Well, most people disliked the old Kingdumb maladies. However, there were a few of the old ones that had at least minimal artistic merit, and some of the witlesses liked them (at least while they were in). I do agree, however, that even the old ones were pxxx poor excuses for music.

    However, what they seemed to have done was to take every last bit of "art" out of them. The ones that liked a few of the old songs, or at least found them bearable, seemed to think they butchered them (and, from what I have heard, they did a pretty good job of that). Those who hated the old Kingdumb Maladies think they went from bad to worse. This makes quite a few people long for the old days, which is something you might not fully appreciate if you left the cancer before the new Kingdumb maladies came out and you had to listen to them.

    There is one good thing about the new Kingdumb maladies, besides that they are shorter. Some of the witlesses will be turned off by the pathetic performances or the blasphemous/idolatrous lyrics and become apostates. And, if they ever declare that there are 135 songs you can listen to, at least a percentage of the witlesses will leave rather than listen to that sxxx.

  • joeblow

    This has me curious. I am not willing to attend a meeting to hear the music, but I would like to hear what everyone is going on about. Does anyone have some samples? One or two MP3s or OGGs, plus lyrics?

  • yknot

    I was kinda excited at first.

    I think it could have been more successful if they had shipped the orchestra version instead of piano accompaniment.

    .....than again the DC snippets reminded me of propaganda-esqe songs of Hitler, Kim Jung Il or other dictatorship......

  • Titus

    I agree with you, Tonky. DNCall said that the new songbook will be better than the old one. But I must disagree with him. All melodies (piano accompaniment) are played without feelings, like it is played by rhytm-machine. Too bad for listening!

  • Hadit

    The new songs are bad. I was wondering if the change had anything to do with changing the music to put people in a trance so that when they finish singing and/or listening to this new music their mind is more susceptible to the coming indoctrination. I remember reading articles about mind control and that certain types of music can be used to aid in preparing the mind. Or - I could be way off base and it's just plain bad music.


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