hey everyone.....been a while just wanted to introduce myself again

by Jesika 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • JeffT

    Welcome back. Funny a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about people who have dropped off the radar here, and I wondered what became of you.

    Congratulations on getting the education. Always a good thing to do.

  • Yizuman


    How are you?


  • Titus

    Hello Jesika!

    I am Titus. From one ex-Yugoslavia country, eastern Europe.

    I am new here, so I don't remember you. But I really feel great empathy for you and I am sorry about what happened to you. It is not easy to write that to you, because some posters will think that I am being hypocritical and sarcastic. It doesn't matter why.

    If you feel any pain because of that what happened to you, believe me that I too feel your pain in my heart.

    Please, accept this as my honest expressions of compassion.

  • Twitch

    Welcome back/nice ta meetcha.

    A pool playin', fishing, gaming, auto fixin' redheaded Texas hottie.


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