What's my "problem" with JWs a couple videos people have enjoyed...

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  • GLTirebiter
    If all else fails, they'll lie.

    You saved the best for last. Good job, Tim!

  • Tuesday
    I've really enjoyed your videos and one thing I see that we have in common is that we both have a daughter who we want to protect and teach them a questioning attitude. I am starting my own personal blogs which, like your videos, would serve as my personal time vault for my daughter. One of them, in fact, has one of your videos embedded.

    It sounds weird but I'm always shocked when people actually like my videos and send them elsewhere. CS The Apostate was on the conference call the other day so I called in. I jumped in to give someone a video to find the Rand Cam video and mentioned who I was. There was someone there that said my videos were instrumental in getting them to leave.

    Doesn't having a daughter totally change everything for you, you stop thinking about the pain you went through you just want to stop it from happening to them.

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