"Life" Brochures: 3 Easy Disproofs

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  • bohm

    Mad Dawg: i was wondering, what kind of belief system do you practice..

    Okay so creationism is more about history than science. Lets focus on the part of it that IS science and let me reask the question: As far as the part that IS science goes, which nontrivial, quantitative predictions has been made with respect to australia and distribution of species?

    I think its a fascinating subject when something is actually science and not. I have always went with the predictive power over the others, but you should feel free to elaborate the destinction and why evolution is more about history - in particular, i am interested to hear which of the following, compared to evolution, is more about history than science:

    a) cosmology (in particular the part that has to do about how our solar system was formed), b) the study of the roman empire and c) ice core samples and reconstruction of past events based on said ice cores.

  • bohm


    The most interesting observation (Which i have been thinking about this morning) is if you ask a creationist, at least a learned one like Mad Dawg, what exactly gives the variation within kinds, he or she will either answer evolution, or describe evolution with all details. So in a sence creationists believe in evolution, they just dont believe in the single tree of life, more like a forrest of trees (that is a seperate hypothesis than evolution).

    What i find interesting is that it is never clear what creationists use to determine how much of the tree of life they believe in, i mean in detail which transitions are supported by which evidence, and which transitions are not supported and why the evidence is insufficient. Its allways described in big, sweeping terms: "dinosauer to bird", "ape to man", "macroevolution", etc.

  • metatron

    Here's a new species claim:


    Anybody hear about the bacteria that learned how to eat nylon even though nylon is artificial and didn't exist until a few decades ago?

    I believe there's also a fruit fly/Drosophilia species that got bred into existence in the lab.

    I'd like to read some Neo-Lamarck ideas.


  • stillajwexelder

    I assume the ark dropped of the Penguins on Antarctica while it was in the region

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I assume the ark dropped of the Penguins on Antarctica while it was in the region

    LOL. Where they bred one baby the first year, in one of the most inhospitable climates on the planet, surrounded by hungry seals.

  • metatron

    Geez Louise! What a loving creator! (yukk)

    Bohm, you got it. The funny thing is that, by using the term macroevolution, the Watchtower MUST accept microevolution!

    Imagine that. The Watchtower accepts 'evolution' - they just want to argue about how much!

    Does it remind you of a joke?

    A man approaches a beautiful high class woman at a party.

    He asks her, "would you sleep with me for a million dollars?"

    She says "Sure!"

    He says, "Well, how about $50?"

    Insulted, she replies, "What kind of a woman do you think I am?!"

    He says, "We've already established that, we're just negotiating the price"


  • tiki

    Pre-flood....pre-Adam & Eve.....thousands, millions years ago....the geography/topography of this planet was QUITE different. Species are continually becoming extinct.... 100 years from now, the polar bears and siberian tigers will likely be gone.

    Kangaroos hopping out of the ark, though....that is a very funny thought. Why is it all the representations of Noah and the ark contain only animals Americans and Europeans seem to be familiar with........

  • bohm

    Black Sheep: You silly thing, you dont know what the best brains in creationism has to say about the matter!

    This is the way it REALLY happened: At noahs time the Penguin was a happy little bird who lived at a temperated/tropical climate just around where noah build the ark. Then, after the flood, the bird flew to antarctica which over the years got covered in ice.

    The cold caused it to loose genetic information (no new genes here!) so all the wonderfull genes jehovah had made in the penguin for swimming under water and surviving in an extremely cold climate began to be expressed; you see, jehovah is so smart he made those genes in the bird-kind to begin with just in case an angel would rebell some day causing him to regret making the bird in the first case and kill shit in a flood using magic (it all connects!).

    A clear proof that this is the way things happened is that tropical birds today dont have the genes for surviving in extremely cold weather, you see, the heat has caused them to loose exactly those! This dual loss of genetic information proove that genetic information can only be lost in what scientists call 'microevillution'.

    The reason no genes was lost before the flood is because of magic, again prooving the theory.


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