Look at the fingers on your right hand...

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  • snowbird

    Why the right hand?


  • changeling

    Nice try jedimaster, but the study takes that into account. Just look at your hand as it is normally shapped.

  • changeling

    AnnOmally gets the "booby" prize. :)

    I don't know why the right hand, Sylvia. My left is pretty much the same.

  • JediMaster

    Aaaahhh, ok so my index finger is VERY slightly taller than the ring finger... so......according to this..... I should be a woman or gay ... I don't know about that but.... I do really suck at math, can only change a tire...in theory...and am completely tone deaf, though I do play a musical instrument. I have no children...not even dating, and am very non-agressive.

    This got me thinking, I think I actually had the witness thing right.... Non-aggressive gay individual, can't tell 144,000 from a great crowd, don't know how long two overlapping generations actually are and can't keep a single 4/4 C major scale 1 minute song going without messing up.

    I am missing my calling!!!!! Going back to the Kingdom Hall this Sunday. How appropriate the WT study will be about headship and submission.....

    Jedi Master

  • minimus

    I re-checked.Ring finger is longer.

  • tec

    I was looking at my left hand. Even when I re-read the title, I read left instead of right.

    Now that I have corrected, and not shaped my hand so the base of my fingers is the same (like Jedi did), then then my index finger is taller than my ring finger.

    Guess I'm female after all ;)


  • beksbks

    Exactly the same, so I'm perfect?

  • changeling

    Sure, minimus, sure...

    Beks: it means you can argue both sides of an argument... :)

  • Soldier77
  • beksbks

    Ack! That's me all over. Libra.

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