Are you sick of your job?

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  • crapola

    Yeah, like Flipper, I to have a cleaning business and am sick to death of cleaning poopy toilets, but the money is good and I can work my own hours. So, probably won't change any time soon.

  • nelly136

    my last two jobs sounded much like yours, and i tried changing to a different company but it was same shit another place. the fuel costs to and fro were nearly as much i earnt and the wear and tear on my car was a constant expense. the hours were dire.

    i count my blessings i got the job i have now even though i fell into it by default, the wages are still low but i dont mind that cos i'm the manager and i'm left to run everything with minimal interference. i also get out of pocket expenses which means i dont have to worry about travel costs so i'm not losing a chunk of my wages.

  • cantleave

    I actually like my job, it pays well and is interesting. I have been working there on a consultancy basis since 2007, I was given a full time senior management role in May this year. Everything should be rosy in the garden for me but.....................

    50 % of the workforce are JW's, all of whom I like, but I think some of them are liking me less and less as they find out I no longer go to meetings. The worst thing is when we are out on the road, my boss, who is an elder, asks uncomfortable questions, or make statements which I am sure are to try ascertain if I am just spiritually weak or outright apostate.

  • XPeterX

    What makes you sick of your job and the job even more pressuring is the WT in a great extend:You have to be the nice guy,talk about your beliefs at work,act like a JW,you have to go at the meeting after work and give a talk after an exhausting day,go door to door during the weekends without getting enough rest dunno what else.

  • moshe

    I could have said, yes, many times during my working life- try working an outside job in the winter that is so cold that it never gets above zero degrees - you cut cardboard inserts for your shoes to keep your feet warmer, a foundry that is 120 degrees, a papermill that is like a 130 degree sauna, working a job 100 feet in the steel, where one slip will kill you, 13,800 volts that will incinerate you, if you make a slip of the hand or inside a nuclear reactor where 2 hours of work gives you enough radiation to equal 1000 X-rays. The only thing I can say was the pay was good and I am now collecting pensions for that work.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    We want to get married, but she is going back to school and jobs are scarce around here.

    I can relate to your position as I was raised a JW with its no education policy. However, as soon as I got married we made plans for me to go to Uni which I did. I also moved to the south coast and got a good job where I stayed until I retired.

    I think your other half is doing the right thing going back to school, education is everything in my opinion. If need be consider moving area, not easy but can be worth it in the long run.

    Do not waste your time complaining about Bush, Obama, Blair, Brown, the economy or the company. You have to make your own future, and by the way don't plan on Armageddon coming any time soon.


  • Finally-Free
    no reimbursement for fuel or repairs,

    My employer pays 43.9 cents per kilometer when I use my vehicle for work, but I use it rarely these days. When I found I would not be reimbursed for my Blackberry usage, even though everyone else in our department was, I removed it from our server. I refuse to be on call after hours without compensation and still pay for my own leash on top of it. I'd go back to cleaning windows before investing my personal assets in someone else's business.


  • zeroday*

    You all think your jobs suck try going to work Monday 6am and getting home Friday midnight then starting again the next monday. Drive 2800 miles all hours of the day and night work around others schedules because you are there for them. Sleep deprivation, sitting waiting then drive like hell...if this is your idea of a dream job then get your CDL and drive a truck...

  • SnakesInTheTower

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