Are you sick of your job?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I posted this rant on my notes on facebook. Why I have no idea... (maybe because I am reading The Facebook Effect about that company).

    Are you sick of your job?

    I am. Someone recently told me that I should be glad I HAVE a job. Interesting. Do they mean a job that is commission only, minimum wage ($8.50/hr) guaranteed but if I am making that little in commission I won't still have the job, a job where I put 30K miles a year on my car, no reimbursement for fuel or repairs, work in all kinds of paid vacation, no benefits. I would hate to do a cost analysis of my expenses versus what I make. I would probably have to quit on the spot.

    No idea until Thursday night/Friday morning what my work load will be for the week following? A job where I have our clients customers yelling and/or cussing and/or threatening me because our client doesnt know how to provide customer service and outsources it to Panama/Philipines/Pakistan? A job where I am trying to convince people to pay their past due accounts on service that is spotty/dodgy/inconsistent?

    I should be glad I have THAT job. Wow. Profound.

    **********end of facebook rant)

    What I want is a job that pays a decent wage, working regular daytime hours, with benefits for me and my family. Without health insurance, me and my fiancee are going to have a difficult time getting married. Though we will bite the bullet if one or both of us doesnt have a new job by March 2011. We want to get married, but she is going back to school and jobs are scarce around here. Unemployment rate in this area is around 10-11 percent. That is the rate of those collecting unemployment, not those whose benefits have run out or they have given up. Estimated that 5-6 people are chasing every job. Go to a brick and mortar establishment and often they tell you to apply online. (Thus why I am online right now). The job listings on the major boards are slim. I apply for what I might be remotely interested in that has benefits. I customize my resume for each prospective employer I am frustrated.

    Of course, if you are reading this and have no job, then my little rant is petty at best and your frustration is exponentially larger. And for that, I apologize...that whole "met a man with no shoes, then met a man with no feet..." kind of thing. Yes, there is always someone in worse shape.

    Here is hoping the economy gets better soon (hint: quit outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and giving tax credits for the privilege).

    Snakes (Rich )

  • snowbird

    If everybody keeps paying their fines or behaving themselves, I just may be out of a job pretty soon.

    I feel you, though.


  • SnakesInTheTower

    used to be I could count on literally more work than I could handle and cherry pick the work orders most likely to pay or return large amounts of cable equipment. cable company has gotten smart and limiting the amount of equipment that customers can have... and is turning off their service faster...instead of 60-90 or even 120 days delinquent (from date of the bill), they have cut it to as little as 41 days. (11 days after the bill comes out) depending on what day a Thursday falls.

    Now, I am lucky to get 100-120 work orders but spread out over the same size area, meaning less contacts per hour, meaning less opportunity to collect money and/or equipment.... and those work orders that are printing are more resistant to collections because the cable company has already precalled (read, harrassed with a dialer followed by a philipine CSR wanting payment). by the time I get it, the customer is pissed.

    Oh well, I am working in the projects (public housing) today and other areas. Just waiting for my beautiful bride to be to get home. I am watching the 9YO.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • aquagirl

    I hate working outside the home.Too many weirdos,usually the bosses.I just plain old hate any sort of authority figure...

  • flipper

    After almost 30 years of cleaning toilets , yeah, I'm sick of my job. LOL ! But I earn $20.00 to $50.00 per hour doing it self employed so I hang with it. The money's too good. What else am I gonna do ? Wasn't allowed to go to college being a born-in JW. Time will tell. Maybe I'll become the first " janitorial shrink ". Study online or something

  • jaguarbass

    Snakes I agree with much of what you say.

    I hate my job. I work in a jail for a sTate.

    They are understaffed, and they stay understaffed on purpose to see how much they can get away with.

    THis is what they are getting away with from me, every week usually on Monday I go to work at 10:30 pm

    and I have to hold over and work a double untill 3 pm.

    That is Hell.

    THen they dont pay me for it, they say come in at 11 on MOnday come in at 11 pm on Tuesday, come in at 11 pm on Wednesday,

    Come in at 11 pm on thursday. THen they send me home at 1 pm on THursday, its called flexing your time off.

    I dont know what I hate more working a double starting on the midnight shift or not getting paid for it.

    It plays with my head. I look for jobs all the time but they dont pay as well or have benefits. So I am stuck.

    I pray to God for something better but so far he is not answering me positively.

    I have to be thankful that I have a job but I havent gotten a raise or cost of living increase in 4 years.

    I'm 57 years old and before this george Bush mess I never went a year without a raise.

  • asilentone

    I like my job. Seriously, I hope you can find something else to do.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    oh...did I mention that they cut are compensation? I wish I could post a copy of the corporate came from the executives in New Jersey...basically talking about the economy and their margins shrinking. Our company had to cut the rate they charge the cable company to become the dominant vendor and shut out the other companies doing what we do.

    So the first (and I do not believe last) place they cut is how much we are reimbursed for picking up each cable box or modem. Right before I started 5 years ago, techs were paid $12 a box....then $12 for just HD/DVR boxes and $9 for regular digital boxes and $5 for modems....which can be sweet if a customer has 4 or 5 boxes. Then they cut us to $9 no matter what kind of cable box (still $5 for modems). More recently, they told have to sell/upgrade cable to at least 1 customer a week or we cut your compensation to $8 and we cut your compensation by $1 per customer and 1% on your collections.... (though I got the boss to amend that for me, but I still take that hit occasionally). is another $1 off the equipment... so it could be $7 per box. Meanwhile, my gas costs keep going up. I have to work harder to get the same amount of money...meaning drive more hours.

    And in case you think I make great money ($20-25/hr on avg)...I do not work 40 hours in the field because 10 hours a week is paperwork...meaning I am not out knocking on doors collecting. Then I drive 50-100 miles a day plus going to the the time it is all done, I make less than $15/hr before taxes.... and some weeks less than that.

    I have gotten hurt once on this job. I was told to take a few days off to heal, but I was not paid for those days, but my company did have to pay the express care bill. I have been bitten twice in the last couple of years and threatened numerous times by customers.

    I am starting paperwork now...and have to drive to the office to drop it and equipment off ..and pick up new work..then go home and sort that out.

    My fiancee is right...I spend more time than I think on this job. I am looking, looking.

    Economic recovery my ass. I need some coffee.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • snowbird

    (((((((Snakes))))))) (((((((Jaguar))))))) (((((((Flipper)))))))

    Flipper, you are one positive dude.

    You make me laugh without fail!

    Please see Coffee's thread:


  • Scott77

    For a good reason, I like this thread. All you guys and gals are sharing things that are true in real life setting. So I can relate to mine and reflect on what things are going on. Many are the times that we are able to generalize based on what others are going or experiencing in their real lives. Mr. Flipper, cleaning toilets should not be that challenging task to do now that new chemicals are so good and refleshing to apply as long as you are protected with grooves. Anyway, its the same thing one would be doing at home in everyday life setting. Snake, now I know why I was asked to mail back the Dish Net work box by mail. The company sent me a self stamped box. The phone agent I talked to was from Philipine. That gives me an idea of outsourcing. Ok, that is it.


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