I Fly my Flag...

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  • mrsjones5

    I have a flag app on my Facebook page. It looks just like this:

  • finallysomepride
  • chickpea

    i had served in the armed forces
    before i drank the k00l-aid so it
    has been a relief to once again
    salute the flag under which i
    served... perfect, of course not...
    but ever engaged to advance
    and defend liberty

    in expectant hope
    for equality for all
    american citizens
    i fly a flag as well


  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat

    There are brackets with two positions, the lower being for half staff. I fly my flag at home on all special occasions. At work every morning, I have the joy of proudly raising the flag. Tomorrow the American flag will be on top, with the POW MIA flag just below it.

  • Quandry

    My dad was a young Marine in WWII and was fighting in Korea when I was born.

    I started studying with the JWs when I was twenty-one. I never told my dad I was proud of him for defending our country. He died at 85. Two Marines were at the gravesite, folded a flag, and presented it to my mother.

    If only he'd lived a little longer, I would have been "out" and gotten to tell him I was no longer a JW. He'd have been so relieved.

    I will be outside watching a fourth of July parade in my neighborhood, and later go view fireworks!

  • BurnTheShips

    I think I am going to buy one this week for the holiday.


  • noni1974

    I have 2 new flag tee shirts I am wearing to a fest in Chatanooga over the weekend. I am a very proud American. I vote, I pay taxes, my family has been here in the USA for over 200 years.

  • sooner7nc

    "However I must admit that i really do miss being around people who show respect for the Bible, as oppose to all the atheist I've been meeting since leaving the Witnesses. Also I do find the women in the "truth" to be much better as oppose to "worldly" women for a guy in his early 20s."

    From BlueGrass's first post on this forum.

    "Nope! You guys definitely don't sound brainwashed."

    From BlueGrass's last post on this thread.

    A shoehorn and some elbow grease should suffice in removing your head from your ass. Good luck with that.

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