Most annoying quotes you are going to hear from JW's

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  • wasblind

    no matter what problems you had , doing more field service was the answer

    laid off =do more field service

    lights cut off = do more field service

    illness = do more fields service

    field service was supposed to help you forget about your problems, but it didn't do a darn thing for them

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    the new system will be here by then

    Do you trust Jehovah?

    you can thank the faithful slave for that

    how many brothers do you see walking around with a beard?

  • MrFreeze

    "I'm just glad we have the Truth"

    "It should want to make us do more in the ministry"

    "You should serve where the need is greater"

    "Wasn't that convention the best ever"

    "He/she's not in the truth"

    "This guy/girl I know at work..." When they really mean "My friend at work".

    When someone says they brainwash people they'll say to their buddies in the car group "People need their brains washed". That's just some stupid stuff I've heard that always annoys me.

  • sooner7nc

    Once, my SIL made the comment about a "Brother" in her congregation that had gotten very ill after eating some undercooked pork (I beleive he actually spent some time in the hospital, and was sick for several months) "He's not been very spiritual since it happened."

    Who are you, you fatass bitch, to question someones relationship with God because he got Trichinosis and couldn't peddle your shit magazines?

    Dear God, I wanted to punch her teeth out.


    I'm fond of a few that my brother and his 'converters' throw at me like....

    'That's polishing the brass on a sinking ship' - reply to the use of Catholic orphanages and hospitals

    'Lying for the truth' - That's wrong on so many levels

    'That's because it doesn't agree with your mental taste' - on biblical interpretations that were so off the wall that I had to protest.


  • ambersun

    We don't do that!

    The World's Christmas (what planet do they think they are living on?)

    Any sentence including 'The Truth'

    Overheard at the end of every meeting in any congregation: Sister A to Sister B "Wasn't that a lovely meeting, did you enjoy it?" Sister B to Sister A "Oooh yes, didn't Brother Boring give a lovely talk" -- No, the meeting was not enjoyable and Brother Boring's talk sent most of the congregation to sleep but heaven forbid that anyone would actually admit to that!!!!

    Plus everything that everyone has said so far aaaaahhhhhhgggg

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    In the New System I'm going to ..............

  • ambersun
    In the New System I'm going to ..............

    Ooh yes, I forgot that one. Also:

    There will be plenty of time for a career / recreation in the New System

    Why do you want to go to Art College when you can be taught by Leonardo or Michelangelo in the New System?!!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    "We never said that!"

  • cypher50

    "Did you hear about the earthquake in (insert_location)? It is a sign..."


    "Did you hear about (insert_horrible_new_story)? It is a sign..."

    I don't know why but the tracking of EVERY SINGLE TREMOR or EVERY SINGLE BAD STORY and then calling it a "sign of the end of this system" is so f**king annoying because it is like these people believe that life before 1914 was sunshine and rainbows! Hey, natural disasters and evil humans have been around for millennia, people, it isn't a new thing!

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