District Convention in Hampton, Virginia

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  • garyneal

    I think the talk outline for the final talk diliberately lied about Russell and Nelson Barbour. I am recalling this from memory as I do not have my notes in front of me but I distinctly remember the CO giving the talk saying that Nelson left the security of Jehovah while CT Russell remained.

    Now that's a lie if I ever heard one. Barbour was never a Bible Student/Witness from the best that I can recall. As far as I know, he was always a Second Adventist so he either was a) never under the security of Jehovah since he never became a Bible Student, or b) was under it teaching Russel and Russell left. Another thing I find distasteful about that part of the talk is that there is no mention of the fact that what Nelson taught Russell is not being taught today save for the year 1914.

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