What good comes from joining a community like this for support/therapy?

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    Pretty much all good. It's not a substitute for professional counselling but I've not needed that so this has been a haven of understanding for me. All of our experiences of growing up/ being in the cult and for some of us leaving are so varied but similar in so many ways. I'd already faded and left some years before finding JWN. Since joining I've grown in confidence about my opinions of the borg, why I disagree with their behaviours and beliefs as well as accepted more of my upbringing.

    This is a bunch of people, some of whom have been treated in a truly shocking way, who give their time to support others if they can and maybe have a laugh along the way.

    I too was paranoid of being discovered before I joined as I still have family in. It's easy to be non-specific about places and people though so as long as you're careful with who can see your internet history on the computer you use you'll be pretty safe.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The love found here is genuine agape, not the "light switch love" that the Dubs can turn off on the basis of a nine word phrase: "Mad Sweeney is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses." The support here is real and the people are diverse.

    It's been invaluable to many of us.

  • undercover

    Mad Sweeney... I replied to your PM

  • Soldier77

    The good that I've experienced and continue to experience here is amazing and helps my sanity. I hope that you will find that too. As someone has previously stated, only post what you're comfortable with posting, but try to post, it relieves the pressure.

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